My Hero Academia chapter 398: Release date and time, what to expect, and more

My Hero Academia chapter 398: Release date and time, what to expect, and more (Image via Toei Animation)
My Hero Academia chapter 398: Release date and time, what to expect, and more (Image via Toei Animation)

My Hero Academia chapter 398 is set to release on Monday, August 28, 2023, at 12 am JST. As All Might versus All For One continues to unfold, so does fans’ anxiety rise on whether or not this will indeed be the fight that leads to the former’s foreshadowed death.

As of now, fans won’t be able to confirm exactly what the issue will focus on until verifiable spoiler information for My Hero Academia chapter 398 becomes available. However, fans do have official release information for the upcoming chapter, with spoiler information set to release in the coming days.

My Hero Academia chapter 398 likely to see All Might’s support items continue to be damaged beyond use

Release date and time, where to read

My Hero Academia chapter 398 will be officially released on Monday, August 28, 2023 at 12 am JST. For most international fans, this means the issue will be released sometime during the day on Sunday, August 27. Select international readers, like Japanese audiences, will see the issue release in the early morning hours of Monday, August 28. Exact release time will vary by region and time zone.

Fans can read the chapter on Shueisha’s free MANGAPlus service, Viz Media’s official website, or Shueisha’s paid Shonen Jump+ app. MANGAPlus and Viz Media’s website are free services, which allow readers to view the first and latest three issues in a series. Meanwhile, Shonen Jump+ is a paid, subscription-based service that gives readers access to a series in its entirety.

My Hero Academia chapter 398 is set to release in the following times for the corresponding time zones:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 8 am, Sunday, August 27
  • Eastern Standard Time: 11 am, Sunday, August 27
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 3 pm, Sunday, August 27
  • Central European Time: 4 pm, Sunday, August 27
  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 pm, Sunday, August 27
  • Philippine Standard Time: 11 pm, Sunday, August 27
  • Japanese Standard Time: 12 am, Monday, August 28
  • Australia Central Standard Time: 1:30 am, Monday, August 28

Chapter 397 recap


My Hero Academia chapter 397 began with All Might saying how wrong it feels to be beating up a child as a 55-year-old man. He then revealed that his intent is to rile up All For One, causing him to relentlessly and recklessly attack. This prompted All For One to begin combining Quirks at random, which led to him eventually releasing a powerful blast.

This knocked over several buildings and also sent All Might flying through several, but he thankfully used his Utility Cape Auto-Guard: Dark Shadow to shield himself. All Might also said that this is proof that his plan is working. Hercules tried warning All Might about the injuries he and his armor have suffered from the attack, but All Might instead tells him to set the movement assist to max.

All For One then calls All Might a piece of garbage who merely found a bag to wear, saying that he’ll win once he breaks that bag. All Might remembered his warning to Deku about overreliance on support items, then remembering when he first met Nana Shimura as a teen. The chapter ended as All Might and All For One continued trading blows, with additional armor flying up towards All Might as the chapter ended.

What to expect (speculative)

Considering the setup of All Might’s injuries in this latest issue, My Hero Academia chapter 398 may see All For One actually push the former Symbol of Peace to his absolute limits. While this would be upsetting to see, it’d be far from unpredictable considering Sir Nighteye’s prophecy that All Might will die in a gruesome fight to the death.

However, My Hero Academia chapter 398 could also see All For One make a lethal mistake in dealing with All Might due to his rage. Considering this is All Might’s plan for winning the fight, such a development could not only take place but is more likely for All For One to end their fight.

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