My Hero Academia: Tenko Shimura's existence foreshadows Shigaraki's salvation

Could the child inside be the key to Shigaraki's salvation in My Hero Academia? (Image via bones Studio)
Could the child inside be the key to Shigaraki's salvation in My Hero Academia? (Image via bones Studio)

Recent My Hero Academia chapters have seen quite a startling set of events unfold, especially in the latest issue of Chapter 362. The chapter prior saw a fissure develop inside Tomura Shigaraki and All for One’s shared consciousness, thanks to some unintentional provoking by Mirio Togata.

With the reveal that Tenko Shimura still exists within this fissure between dominant personalities, fans have begun wondering whether salvation is possible for them. While My Hero Academia will most likely see All for One die in some form or another before its end, there is still a chance that Tomura Shigaraki and Tenko Shimura can be saved.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down why Tenko Shimura’s existence foreshadows Shigaraki’s salvation in My Hero Academia.

Shimura’s survival within Shigaraki signals good that is worth saving, likely resulting in their salvation by My Hero Academia’s end

The life of Tenko Shimura

As aforementioned, the recent My Hero Academia issue indicates that there may be something left worth saving within Shigaraki. While All for One will most likely die by the series’ end, it’s entirely possible that Tomura Shigaraki, or rather, Tenko Shimura, will see his salvation come by Izuku Midoriya’s hands.

My Hero Academia Chapter 361 saw Shimura's true personality well up from inside Shigaraki after Mirio Togata asked the latter if he’s ever had any friends. This caused an incredibly childish answer to burst forth from his mouth, seemingly catching all three involved off guard.

All for One explains that deep inside the merged personalities of himself and Shigaraki, Shimura still exists, being portrayed as a crying and frightened child. The reveal comes as a shock to fans, with many expressing a previous belief that whatever aspect of the villainous entity that represented the young child was long gone.

However, this latest reveal is instead signaling to many that Shigaraki (and Shimura, as a result) will see salvation by the end of Kohei Horikoshi’s series. It’s certainly an intriguing twist, even if foreshadowed by Midoriya’s previously expressed desire to save Shigaraki himself.

However, this latest reveal has shown readers that there is something inside him worth saving. This is further emphasized by the portrayal of Shimura's personality as being alone and frightened within this chasm of egos, even seemingly being haunted by the memories of killing his family via the hands grabbing him.

One of the core tenets of both the series and Midoriya’s character has been saving those in need of help, regardless of who they are. This is what made fans roll with his proclamation of saving Shigaraki in the previous war arc, with many expressing comfortability, with his character taking such a direction in the series’ alleged final stages.

Now that there’s something within Shigaraki that has been shown to be worth saving, it’s even more certain that this salvation will indeed come one day. Even more likely is that fans will get to see Tenko Shimura return as the dominant personality upon this salvation, with Tomura Shigaraki seemingly fading away as All for One grows stronger.

At the very least, the personality of Tomura Shigaraki will see its salvation come by the end of My Hero Academia. The biggest questions that remain in this matter are whether or not Tenko Shimura and All for One will also receive salvation or perish.

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