My Hero Academia: The truth about Hawks' family, explained

Hawks as seen in the series
Hawks as seen in the series' anime (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia season 6 has been one of the most highly praised and celebrated seasons of the smash-hit anime series yet. Its first half focused on the Paranormal Liberation War. Fans watched as Pro Heroes and villains fought on an epic scale, resulting in devastating losses for both, with the Heroes certainly taking a bigger hit.

While the villains only lost numbers and health, My Hero Academia’s Pro Heroes lost tons of credibility. Apart from this, they also lost the faith and support of the public they defended. This is in part due to Dabi revealing his origins as Toya Todoroki, and sharing some shocking information with the No. 2 Pro Hero, Hawks.

However, some anime-only fans seem confused about whether or not Dabi was telling the truth about Hawks' origins in the first half of season 6.

Hawks’ sad past plays major role in downfall of My Hero Academia’s Pro Hero-obsessed society

The first half of My Hero Academia season 6 ended with a string of episodes focused on Dabi, who was then revealed as Toya Todoroki, the thought-deceased son of Endeavor, aka Enji Todoroki. While Dabi announced his true identity to those on the battlefield, a video was playing across the nation’s news networks that revealed the same information.

Especially shocking, however, was Dabi shifting the focus to Hawks, Japan’s No. 2 Pro Hero at the time. Hawks, whose name is Keigo Takami was born on the island of Kyushu in Fukuoka, Japan. He was conceived following his mother, Tomie, helping a murderer known simply as Takami hide after he committed a murder.

The floor of what fans have since presumed to be Keigo’s childhood home was seen littered with garbage, broken shards of glass, and alcohol bottles. Keigo was also portrayed as an expressionless and quiet child, seemingly unable to find any joy or reason to live.

Keigo is said to have had a traumatic and abusive childhood, with his father forcing him to stay home at all times. This was due to his father's fear that Keigo would rat him out in an effort to change his own childhood and life for the better. However, Tomie felt differently, eventually taking Keigo outside following his insistence.

She bought him an Endeavor doll on a trip out, beginning his fascination with the Heroes of My Hero Academia as seen on television, believing them to be fictional characters due to his isolation from the outside world. Despite viewing them as just fictional personalities, he began molding himself after them, latching onto the one aspect of the outside world that he knew of.

Thus, one day, Kegio flew into a nearby city after feeling his feathers tingling and suspecting that something was amiss. However, he returned after discovering it was nothing. Unfortunately, his father didn’t see the situation in the same light Keigo did, yelling at him and suspecting him of ratting him out despite the young boy promising otherwise.


Thus, Takami ordered Keigo to never leave the house again or interact with anyone. However, this wasn’t enough for him, as when Keigo fled to a corner of the house his father followed and kicked him, telling him to never turn his back on him again. He walked away muttering about how he’d be free if his son had never been born, giving My Hero Academia fans a glimpse at the abuse Keigo endured from both of his parents as a child.

His father was caught shortly after, being arrested by Endeavor himself, greatly influencing Keigo’s life. Unfortunately, his mother didn’t have the adequate skills to make a living, forcing Keigo to earn money for the duo. Eventually, this led to Keigo being found by the Hero Public Safety Commission, where he was molded into the Pro Hero known as Hawks.

In summation

Thus, My Hero Academia’s Hawks, real name Keigo Takami, does indeed come from a family of criminals. While his mother was never formally arrested, her abuse of her son can indeed be considered a crime, especially as she put him in danger by forcing him to find money for them. It’s an unfortunate truth, but one of the series’ greatest Pro Heroes does indeed harbor a dark past.

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