My Hero Academia: Everything we know about Hawks' past

Hawks is a somewhat troubled character (Image via My Hero Academia, Shueisha, Studio Bones)
Hawks is a somewhat troubled character (Image via My Hero Academia, Shueisha, Studio Bones)

Keigo Takami, aka Hawks, didn't have it easy in My Hero Academia, but he only grew from his experiences.

Keigo always wanted to be a Pro Hero in My Hero Academia. Of course, everybody has to start from somewhere. Life experiences can fundamentally change a person for better or worse. Thankfully, Keigo achieved his dream of working alongside Endeavor, a man he truly admires.

My Hero Academia Chapter 299 goes into great detail about Hawks and his upbringing. Like most anime characters, he grew up with a tragic backstory. This article will explain what happened to him.

Note: This article contains manga spoilers.

What is known about Hawks and his past in My Hero Academia?

He grew up in a broken family


Keigo Takami was born in Fukuoka, Japan, 23 years ago. He spent his early childhood on the island of Kyushu. It turns out that his parents were fugitive criminals in My Hero Academia. His unnamed father was a murderer, while his mother tried covering it up. They lived under very poor conditions.

Keigo was always forced to stay at home since his father was constantly hiding from law enforcement. He would regularly get beat up for going outside simply because his Fierce Wings started tingling in that direction.

In a rare act of kindness, his mother did buy him a hero plushie, modeled after Endeavor himself. Like most children his age, Keigo grew up watching television, where he found solace in crime-fighting shows.

Endeavor arrested his criminal father


At some point, Keigo's father was arrested by Endeavor. This would be a major turning point in My Hero Academia.

For the first time in his life, Keigo truly believed in heroes. Going forward, he would continue to admire Endeavor for his brave actions that day.

When his father was taken into custody, Keigo and his mother continued to hide from the police. They also became homeless since they had no means of making legitimate money.

Keigo's mother continued to emotionally abuse her son, asking him why he was even born.

Hawks caught the attention of the Hero Public Safety Commission


Keigo didn't want to disappoint his mother, so he went out to prove himself in My Hero Academia.

Keigo went over to a nearby car accident and saved many lives with his Fierce Wings Quirk. He used his feathers to carry pedestrians away from the wreckage. This caught the attention of the Hero Public Safety Commission.

Keigo was given the offer to become a hero in training. However, the commission took away his real name. They separated him from his mother, although both were compensated.

In the meantime, Keigo underwent a grueling training process as Hawks in My Hero Academia.

He became a Pro Hero before the age of 20


Hawks made a name for himself by the age of 18. He ran his own hero agency during his young adult years. Better yet, he also found himself on the billboard charts for Japan's top Pro Heroes. He was the first person to place in the top 10 before hitting the age of 20.

Eventually, Hawks would reach the number three spot behind Endeavor. After the retirement of All Might, he moved up by one spot. He also ran a student internship with Fumikage Tokoyami.

After the Kamino Ward incident, Hawks was asked to infiltrate the League of Villains long before the Paranormal Liberation Front. However, he ended up refusing the offer at the time.

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