My Hero Academia: 4 characters that Tokoyami can beat (and 4 he can’t)

Don't ruffle the feathers of  My Hero Academia's Fumikage Tokoyami (Image via Studio Bones)
Don't ruffle the feathers of My Hero Academia's Fumikage Tokoyami (Image via Studio Bones)

Fumikage Tokoyami is a force to be reckoned with in My Hero Academia. In terms of potential, he is right up there with Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki. This Class 1-A student has great natural reflexes and strong physical capabilities. More impressively, he also yields a dangerous Quirk known as Dark Shadow.

With a shadow monster by his side, Tokoyami can do some major damage on the battlefield. All he needs is the right amount of darkness. However, everybody has their strengths and weaknesses in My Hero Academia. Here's a quick look at who Tokoyami can and cannot defeat.

My Hero Academia characters that Fumikage Tokoyami can beat

4) Momo Yaoyorozu - Creati


Momo is a highly intelligent character in My Hero Academia, but she doesn't fare well in stressful environments. She needs time if she wants to formulate a successful plan, let alone create objects from her body.

During the Sports Festival, Tokoyami overwhelmed her right from the start of their battle. Momo didn't even have a chance to do anything. Tokoyami maintained a strong offense the entire time.

It also doesn't help that Momo is a physically weak fighter in My Hero Academia.

3) Tsuyu Asui - Froppy


Tsuyu is among the most versatile students in her classroom. She can do anything a frog can do in My Hero Academia. This includes capturing opponents with her long tongue and using her leg strength to jump across far distances.

That being said, Tsuyu does lack proper defense. Tokoyami's offensive power should be a deciding factor in this match. He can also protect himself from Tsuyu's attacks with his Dark Shadow.

2) Tenya Ida - Ingenium


Tenya is a far more agile competitor in this match. His Quirk gives him a massive speed boost in My Hero Academia. However, Tokoyami's physical stats are more well-rounded. Dark Shadow also has more power than Tenya.

This match could go either way, but Tokoyami can win if he stays in the air. His studies with Pro Hero Hawks allowed him to develop some new skills. Tokoyami would need to wrap Dark Shadow around his body to gain flight.

Tenya is a grounded fighter, so he's not well suited against flying opponents. Tokoyami would have to act quickly, or else Tenya would take him out.

1) Shihai Kuroiro - Vantablack


At first glance, this is not a good matchup for Tokoyami. Kuroiro has a very unique fighting style that relies on the color black. He can merge into objects with a dark color scheme and take full control of them.

This was first seen in the Joint Training arc, where Tokoyami had to fight Kuroiro. Impressively, the latter managed to control the actions of Dark Shadow. However, there is a drawback to Kuroiro's Quirk.

Tokoyami needs to make sure that his opponent is forced into a dark object, such as a piece of black cloth. By doing so, he can effectively trap Kuroiro before he gets the chance to escape.

My Hero Academia characters that Fumikage Tokoyami cannot beat

4) Ectoplasm


This U.A. teacher presented a difficult challenge for Tokoyami in the Final Exams. Dark Shadow may be a powerful creature, but it's no match for this Pro Hero.

Ectoplasm could easily overwhelm Tokoyami by creating several different clones of himself, up to a limit of 30. He is already highly capable in close-range combat. Having to deal with multiple versions of himself would be a complete nightmare in My Hero Academia.

3) Shota Aizawa - Eraser Head


Tokoyami is physically strong, but most of his strength is dependent on Dark Shadow. Aizawa can simply cancel out his abilities with his Erasure Quirk. Dark Shadow is classified as the Emitter type, so this should work.

By this point, Tokoyami would be dealing with a severe disadvantage. Aizawa could easily capture him with his tape. My Hero Academia fans should also consider that Aizawa is a master strategist. He understands the strengths and weaknesses of his students.

2) Keigo Takami - Hawks


Hawks is ranked second in the hero leaderboards for Japan. With high intelligence stats and impressive speed, he can outmaneuver most enemies.

He took the young Tokoyami right underneath his wing, having personally trained him. Similar to Aizawa, Hawks would have a good understanding of Tokoyami's fighting abilities. In a direct confrontation, Hawks shouldn't have any issues figuring out those weak points.

Tokoyami is ridiculously fast, but Hawks is much faster. With the use of his Fierce Wings Quirk, the Pro Hero would finish this job quickly. He can also attack from multiple directions in My Hero Academia.

1) Izuku Midoriya - Deku


Not a single classmate in My Hero Academia shares Deku's attacking power. With the use of his OFA Quirk, he could lay waste to giant robots and even powerful villains like Muscular. More importantly, Deku can also channel his raw energy into a massive speed boost.

Tokoyami combines strength and speed with his Dark Shadow. However, Deku outclasses him in both regards. He also has more combat experience, along with a higher intelligence.

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