My Hero Academia: Will Endeavor be forgiven by his family?

Endeavor's past actions define him in the present (Image via Studio Bones)
Endeavor's past actions define him in the present (Image via Studio Bones)

Endeavor's redemption arc has always been a controversial subject matter in My Hero Academia. Many fans consider him to be a very poor excuse for a human being.

In the past, Endeavor has put his family through emotional and physical abuse. However, in recent times, he has made strides to become a better person. Of course, this has evenly divided the My Hero Academia fandom.

This article is not meant to argue for his redemption. Only his family can make that judgment call in My Hero Academia. Whether or not he will find peace of mind remains to be seen. However, it's very clear that Kohei Horikoshi is heading in that particular direction.

Note: This article contains major spoilers from the manga.

Will Endeavor find redemption by the end of My Hero Academia?

It goes without saying that Endeavor's atonement is a really touchy subject. My Hero Academia fans aren't obligated to forgive him.

With that said, Horikoshi may find a way for his family to do so.

My Hero Academia paints a very complex picture

Slowly but surely, Endeavor's family will be willing to let bygones be bygones. My Hero Academia seems to be leaning towards it, given the aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War. For context, it was revealed that Dabi was Toya Todoroki, who drove himself to madness from Endeavor's abuse.

The rest of the family met with Endeavor at a local hospital, where he was treated for injuries. His wife, Rei, made it clear that everyone needed to resolve their differences for the sake of Dabi.


For better or worse, she mentioned that everybody played a part in Dabi's insanity, with the exception of Shoto. Of course, Endeavor was still the root cause of their problems in My Hero Academia.

However, Rei genuinely believes that Endeavor does want to make it up to his family. Despite what he did, she wants to stand by his side while they deal with Dabi. Her daughter Fuyumi also shares the same mindset.

Natsuo is seemingly the only family member who doesn't want to forgive Endeavor. To Horikoshi's credit, he doesn't present this as the wrong opinion. A tearful Endeavor fully understands his son's reasoning.

Shoto is also finding the right time to forgive him

Shoto could barely stand his father at the beginning of My Hero Academia, given all the harsh training he was put through. Over time, the father did try to improve the relationship with his son.

Slowly but surely, it seems to be working. Shoto did pray for his father to survive against a High-End Nomu. Near the end of the Pro Hero arc, Izuku Midoriya also had a heartfelt dinner conversation with him. Midoriya believed that Shoto was simply waiting for the right moment to forgive his father.

Keep in mind that Deku is the main character of My Hero Academia. Shōnen protagonists often understand the hidden feelings of the people around them (such as Luffy and Naruto). It's fairly evident that Midoriya understands Shoto's true feelings in regards to Endeavor.

Dabi is the complete wildcard here

Forgiveness is merely a feeling where negative resentment goes away. However, Dabi is completely defined by resentment. His only goal in life is to make Endeavor suffer. He wouldn't mind burning himself to a crisp to achieve that goal.

For that reason, Shoto is the one fighting Dabi, while Endeavor is taking care of All For One. The youngest Todoroki fully intends on keeping his older brother alive. Despite everything the villain did, Shoto believes he can be saved.

Whether or not Endeavor lives or dies, there is still a chance his family can be rebuilt. That alone would be enough for him to have peace of mind. Hopefully, there is a path for his family to recover from such traumatic events.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.