My Hero Academia: 4 ways Shoto Todoroki is like his father (and 4 ways he’s not)

As they say, like father, like son (Image via Studio Bones)
As they say, like father, like son (Image via Studio Bones)

Family dynamics are always interesting in My Hero Academia, but none more so than Shoto and Enji Todoroki.

Needless to say, their strained relationship drives several conflicts in the series. My Hero Academia fans already know that Shoto doesn't want to be anything like his father. He suffered far too much abuse when he was younger. Endeavor is a good hero, but Enji is a terrible parent.

With that said, Shoto definitely has more in common with his father than he likes to believe. Of course, they only seem to share good traits in My Hero Academia. This article will take a look at their similarities and differences.

Four ways Shoto is similar to his father in My Hero Academia

4) Both of them strive to be heroes


There is a reason why Todoroki is a prestigious name in Hero Society. Both father and son have been young prodigies in this business.

Japan has a ranking system for all their Pro Heroes. Endeavor came in second place when he was only 20 years old. He also solved most of the crimes in that era. Endeavor takes his job very seriously in My Hero Academia.

Shoto will likely follow the same path to greatness. His ability to use fire and ice already gives him more versatility. More importantly, he strives to be like All Might and protect everyone around him.

3) They are surprisingly good team players


Teamwork is a very important concept in My Hero Academia. Despite their aloof personalities, Shoto and Enji Todoroki work great with other people.

During the Hero Killer arc, Shoto worked alongside Izuku Midoriya and Tenya Iida to defeat Stain. In that very same arc, his father had great synergy with Gran Torino, taking down multiple Nomu in the process.

2) In the end, they both care about their family


Shoto always had a healthy relationship with his family. After the Sports Festival, he would regularly visit his mother at the mental institute. He would also be supportive of his siblings at the dinner table. At the end of the day, Shoto is a kind and caring person in My Hero Academia.

Endeavor is far more complex in this regard. His past actions were certainly inexcusable, but he is trying to make amends. Ever since the Pro Hero arc, Endeavor has sought to redeem himself. He even sent small gifts to his wife in the hospital, including her favorite childhood flowers.

1) They are both extremely powerful fighters


Endeavor finally became the number one Pro Hero in Japan, albeit after All Might's retirement. Nonetheless, he is highly regarded for his ability to solve cases. Endeavor is extremely proficient with his Quirk, which means he can take on powerful enemies like All For One.

Shoto has definitely lived up to his father's expectations in My Hero Academia. He is a recommended student at U.A. High School, which speaks volumes about his potential. Shoto is among the best fighters in Class 1-A, along with Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo.

Four ways Shoto is nothing like his father in My Hero Academia

4) His ice powers give him fire resistance


Shoto is the product of a Quirk marriage in My Hero Academia. He inherited both his father's pyrokinesis and his mother's cryokinesis. This means that he can use fire and ice to his advantage.

The main problem with Endeavor's Quirk is that his body can overheat at extreme temperatures. Shoto can solve this issue by generating ice to cool himself down. The sky is the limit for him in My Hero Academia.

3) Shoto can use different elements


Speaking of which, Shoto doesn't just rely on fire abilities like his father. He can also use ice for various purposes.

At the start of My Hero Academia, he prioritized that side of his body to spite his father. It wasn't until the Sports Festival where he was convinced to use both powers. Shoto can now use two different elements in tandem. This gives him a more diverse fighting style.

2) He is not driven by jealousy


Envy was a defining aspect of Endeavor's character in My Hero Academia. He strongly detested All Might for being Japan's top hero. Endeavor knew he could never surpass him, so he unfairly placed his burden on his children.

Ironically, his son looked up to All Might instead. Shoto wants to be a Pro Hero, but he also wants to do it on his own terms.

1) Shoto would never hurt his family


Enji Todoroki was emotionally and physically abusive towards his entire family. He trained his son under extremely harsh conditions, isolating him from the rest of his siblings. It's no surprise that Shoto grew up cold and distant, at least until the Sports Festival.

Endeavor also bears responsibility for his wife's mental breakdown, which resulted in Shoto getting scarred for life.

With that said, the son never held it against his mother. Instead, he placed the blame on his father. Shoto never took out his frustrations on the rest of the family.

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