An explanation of Todoroki’s Quirk in My Hero Academia

Shoto likes to play with fire and ice (Image via Studio Bones)
Shoto likes to play with fire and ice (Image via Studio Bones)

Most characters in My Hero Academia only have a single ability, yet Shoto manages to have two with his Quirk.

There is a reason why Shoto is a highly recommended student for U.A. High School. He is highly regarded for his fighting prowess. In fact, Shoto could've won the Sports Festival if he hadn't thrown the finals to Katsuki Bakugo.

Of course, his Quirk is the main reason why he is so powerful. Half-Cold Half-Hot is a versatile power that can be used in different ways. Shoto has plenty of ways to strategize his next move in My Hero Academia. However, effectively using his Quirk requires a lot of practice.

Todoroki has a really powerful Quirk in My Hero Academia, but it isn't easy to use


As demonstrated in the U.S.J. arc, Shoto can take out villains in a matter of seconds. However, it took several years of training from his father. This article will explain how these abilities work in My Hero Academia.

He is able to control both fire and ice


Half-Cold Half-Hot is classified under the Emitter category. This means users can somehow control existing properties around them. In the case of Shoto Todoroki, he can manipulate specific elements. He must consciously do so, so he always needs to maintain concentration.

This Quirk gives Shoto the ability to generate heat and cold. However, it also depends on the side of his body. His left side can produce fire while the right side can produce ice. He can train himself by regulating water temperatures, which gives him a handle on both powers.

Technically, Shoto has the power of two Quirks, which is a rarity in My Hero Academia. With that said, he can only create fire and ice from his own body. He is unable to manipulate them from outside sources.

Strengths and weaknesses


Ice can be used in a variety of ways, such as freezing opponents or providing a protective barrier. Meanwhile, fire is a very offensive weapon that's difficult to get around. Shoto can also reach his targets from a great distance. Most enemies would never be able to approach him straight ahead.

However, he needs to be very careful when using his left side. Producing too much fire causes him to become dizzy. He also puts himself at great risk since he can burn himself. The same applies to his right side, albeit to a lesser extent.

Shoto is a powerful fighter in My Hero Academia, but he needs to alternate between fire and ice. Using one side too often will result in overheating or frostbite. With that in mind, Shoto has to constantly regulate his body temperature.

Shoto was born with a resistance to both elements


Enji Todoroki arranged a Quirk marriage between himself and Rei Himura. He wanted their children to inherit their elemental powers. Enji could manipulate powerful flames while Rei could generate ice.

Shoto was born with a fusion of both their Quirks. This allowed him to compensate for his father's weaknesses. Shoto doesn't have to worry about overheating since he can easily cool himself down.

For these reasons, Half-Cold Half-Hot is a valuable Quirk in My Hero Academia. Shoto has the ability to surpass his own father on day.

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