Can the Pro Heroes defeat All For One in the latest My Hero Academia arc?

My Hero Academia is nothing but a playground for him (Image via Studio Bones)
My Hero Academia is nothing but a playground for him (Image via Studio Bones)

All For One is among the worst villains in My Hero Academia, which means it won't be easy for the Pro Heroes to defeat him.

The final battle between heroes and villains is set for the last arc in My Hero Academia. With the use of clever tactics, the heroes have teleported the major villains into different battle locations.

All For One has since been split up from his villainous army. He is now stuck in the Gunga Mountain Villa, where several Pro Heroes await him.

The question remains whether or not they stand a chance here. My Hero Academia fans have been asking this question for a while now.

All For One is really powerful in the latest My Hero Academia arc, but can the Pro Heroes beat him?


It's no easy task going up against All For One. All Might is the only character to ever defeat him in My Hero Academia. Endeavor has some very large shoes to fill in this matchup. At the very least, there are plenty of backups.

Here's a look at the current lineup

All For One is not alone in this fight. A High-End Nomu was also warped to his location, so he does have backup.

The villain is facing off against a team of Pro Heroes led by Endeavor and Hawks. According to the Japanese ranking system, they are the number one and two heroes, respectively.

Meanwhile, the following heroes and sidekicks are working alongside them:

  • Pixie-Bob (ranked 411th in the hero rankings)
  • Tiger (same as above)
  • Shishido (ranked 13th)
  • Kamui Woods (ranked seventh)
  • Fumikage Tokoyami (U.A. student and sidekick)

It should be noted that several Pro Heroes are not in the Gunga Mountain Villa:

  • Best Jeanist (ranked third in the hero rankings)
  • Edgeshot (ranked fourth)
  • Mirko (ranked fifth)
  • Nejiro Hado (part of the Big Three, top prospects in the U.A.)
  • Tamaki Amajiki (part of the Big Three)

They are currently fighting Tomura Shigaraki at the floating U.A. High School. Given Shigaraki's massive threat level in My Hero Academia, the heroes had to split themselves up here.

How strong are the heroes fighting All For One?


Endeavor is an offensive powerhouse that can burn down anything he touches with his Hellflame Quirk. His partner Hawks is a great support unit in My Hero Academia. Fierce Wings can be used for various purposes, such as catching people and speeding them up.

Pixie-Bob and Tiger are members of the Wild, Wild Pussycats. The former can manipulate the earth, while the latter can become inhumanly flexible. Meanwhile, Kamui Woods can generate wood, so he has good chemistry with Pixie-Bob.

Fumikage is among the strongest Class 1-A students. Dark Shadow allows him to control a powerful monster whose strength is dependent on nearby darkness.

Last but not least, Shishido is a complete unknown.

Sadly, All For One is far too strong in his current state


With multiple Quirks at his disposal, All For One is a very dangerous threat. Back in the Hideout Raid arc, he overpowered several Pro Heroes at once, including Endeavor himself. Best Jeanist and Edgeshot were also there, but they couldn't do anything. Now, they're not even in this battle.

What doesn't help is that All For One has backup. Keep in mind that a single Nomu is powerful enough to fight Endeavor and Hawks by itself. That means the rest of the heroes will have to distract it while Endeavor fights All For One.

Unless more Pro Heroes arrive on the battlefield, it won't look good for Endeavor and Hawks. Of course, My Hero Academia readers will still root for them. Despite their underdog status, the heroes can always put up a good fight.

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