Naruto fandom gets trolled for complaining about Sasuke's fight in Boruto

Sasuke's latest fight has put the franchise's two fanbases at war with each other yet again (Image via Studio Pierrot)

It seems that the latest episodes of the Boruto anime have started yet another flamewar with the diehard fans of the original Naruto series. Following Sasuke’s fight against Meno the dinosaur, the two fandoms find themselves at each other’s throats with criticism, trolling, and more.

While Boruto anime fans and Sasuke Retsuden manga readers were incredibly receptive to and happy with the fight, Naruto fans seem to be taking issue with its appearance in the anime. This has resulted in fans of the original series getting somewhat trolled by fans of the sequel and Sasuke Retsuden series.

Naruto fans getting clapped back at by Boruto fans following general criticism of Sasuke vs. Meno fight

The latest

Following criticism from fans of the original Naruto series, Boruto fans began clapping back at this section of the fanbase, specifically focusing on their treatment of the sequel series. Fans of the former began the fight after the latter series adapted the Sasuke Retsuden manga, which saw Sasuke fight Meno, the guard dinosaur at the Astronomy Research Institute.

Fans of the original series seem to be primarily criticizing how ridiculous the sequel series has gotten since they last tuned in. It also seems that these fans seem unaware that Sasuke Retsuden is marketed under the moniker of the original series rather than the sequel. It being adapted into the sequel series’ anime is something done out of necessity since there is no current running version of the original series.

One Boruto fan astutely points out that this ignorance of Naruto fans proves how little stock they invest in any spin-off or sequel series. Many fans of the original series feel that the sequel is merely a heartless money grab with no real quality. This is especially true for the anime, which foregoes a no-filler/full manga-canon adaptation in order to run weekly and fill in the gaps with anime-canon material.

Similarly, these fans of the original series seem to only check in for the Naruto and Sasuke-centric arcs, moments, and fights of the series. Several fans of the sequel series point this out, also reminding these same fans that the Sasuke Retsuden events are not a part of the sequel’s original story.

Overall, the situation does emphasize how Naruto fans typically tend to blindly hate on the Boruto series. The point above about fans of the former only checking into the latter when Sasuke or Naruto are involved has also proven true in this situation. Had the series shown any other characters besides the aforementioned two in the fight, fans of the original series would’ve likely been none the wiser.

Many sequel series fans also point out what an interesting reaction fans of the original series are having to the inclusion of a dinosaur in the series. Many strange occurrences take place in the original series, such as the reanimation of dead bodies, jutsu that summon gods such as the Reaper Death Seal, summonings, and even massive fossils of lizard-like creatures.

With this in mind, it does seem as though Naruto fans do unnecessarily target the Boruto series simply for being a sequel. In this light, and even more so in this specific situation, it’s certainly appropriate for fans of the latter to clap back against fans of the former.

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