Naruto: Why did Deidara want to kill Orochimaru? Explained

9 Fakta Deidara dari Akatsuki, Ninja yang Meledak-ledak di Naruto! (Image via Duniaku)
9 Facts about Deidara from Akatsuki, the Explosive Ninja in Naruto! (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Deidara, one of the most prominent members of the Akatsuki organization in the Naruto anime series, harbored a deep-seated grudge against Orochimaru. Deidara is a skilled artist and an expert in explosives, able to create explosive clay sculptures with his unique ability. Orochimaru is a former member of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of the legendary Sannin. He is known for his obsession with immortality and his ability to manipulate snakes.

This was one of the most significant grudges held by Deidara, and his desire to kill Orochimaru was a recurring theme throughout the show. But the reasons behind his animosity were not immediately clear. To truly comprehend his motivations, we must delve into his past and explore the experiences that shaped his character.

Understanding Deidara's resentment towards Orochimaru in Naruto

Why Orochimaru's Character Arc In Naruto Makes No Sense (image via Studio Pierrot)
Why Orochimaru's Character Arc In Naruto Makes No Sense (image via Studio Pierrot)

Originally from the Hidden Stone Village, Naruto's Deidara was a gifted artist who specialized in creating sculptures out of clay. However, his artistic abilities were not appreciated by the villagers, and he was forced to join the military. Disenchanted with his village's values, Deidara left to pursue his art independently and eventually joined the Akatsuki organization.

As a member of Akatsuki, Deidara was paired with Sasori, another skilled artist who used puppets as his medium. Together, they were assigned to capture Gaara, the jinchuriki of the One-Tailed Shukaku.

However, their mission was obstructed by Orochimaru, who was interested in capturing the jinchuriki for his own personal gain. Orochimaru fought against Sasori and Deidara, ultimately killing Sasori and forcing Deidara to retreat.

Deidara (image via Studio Pierrot)
Deidara (image via Studio Pierrot)

This incident was the genesis of Deidara's vendetta against Orochimaru. To Deidara, Orochimaru was responsible for the death of his partner and the failure of his mission. Deidara saw his art as an extension of himself, and Orochimaru's actions were a direct insult to his abilities.

Moreover, Orochimaru's methods and goals were directly at odds with Deidara's. Orochimaru sought immortality and power through experimentation and manipulation, while Deidara valued art for its beauty and impermanence.

Deidara saw Orochimaru as a twisted and immoral individual who was corrupting the world with his experiments.

Naruto's Deidara's hatred for Orochimaru was further fueled by his loyalty to his fellow Akatsuki members. Orochimaru had once been a member of Akatsuki himself, but he left the organization to pursue his own goals. Deidara believed this was a cowardly and dishonorable act.

The Fourth Great Ninja War

Naruto 4th Great Ninja War Full Version (image via Studio Pierrot)
Naruto 4th Great Ninja War Full Version (image via Studio Pierrot)

Naruto's Deidara's desire for revenge against Orochimaru came to a head during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Orochimaru had allied himself with the forces of the Allied Shinobi Forces, who were fighting against the Akatsuki.

Deidara was given the task of infiltrating the enemy's ranks and assassinating Orochimaru. His mission was successful, and he got his revenge.

However, Deidara's victory was short-lived, as he was later killed in battle against Sasuke Uchiha, a former member of Akatsuki who had defected. Deidara's quest for revenge against Orochimaru consumed him, and he was willing to risk his life to achieve it.

His ultimate success in assassinating Orochimaru was a fitting end to his story, but it also highlighted the tragic nature of his character. Deidara's passion for his art was admirable, but his obsession with revenge led to his downfall.

Deidara (image via Studio Pierrot)
Deidara (image via Studio Pierrot)

Final thoughts

Deidara's motivations for wanting to kill Orochimaru were complex. The latter's interference in his mission, his immoral actions, and his betrayal of the Akatsuki were all factors that contributed to Deidara's hatred.

As an artist and a loyal member of Akatsuki, Deidara's desire for revenge consumed him, ultimately leading to his tragic demise.

Deidara's legacy as a talented artist and fierce fighter will always be remembered in the Naruto series, but his story also serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of allowing one's emotions to consume them.

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