Naruto: Why Itachi ended up taking his girlfriend's life

Why did Itachi kill Izumi in the series (Screengrab via Viz)
Why did Itachi kill Izumi in the series (Screengrab via Viz)

Itachi is one of the most popular and influential characters in the Naruto series. Not only is he ridiculously strong, but he has also played an important role in shaping the plot of the entire series. He was a part of the nefarious Akatsuki clan that was responsible for committing some of the most heinous crimes.


This article will delve into one of the most tragic events that took place in the series, and Itachi Uchiha's involvement in the same. Many fans have wondered over the years why Itachi killed the character that happened to be his love interest in the Naruto series.

Who is Izumi and why did Itachi kill her in the Naruto


Izumi Uchiha (image via Pierrot)
Izumi Uchiha (image via Pierrot)

Izumi was just a regular kunoichi of the Konohagakure and belonged to the Uchiha clan. She loved Itachi ever since her days at the academy. Itachi initially didn’t pay much attention to her, but he became warmer towards her when he realized that she had awakened her Sharingan. Itachi graduated quite early owing to his skills but Fugaku encouraged him to spend more time with people his age.

During lunch, he asked Izumi about her progress and the reason behind her wanting to become a shinobi in the first place. This character in Naruto, like many of the others, underwent some traumatic experiences and witnessed the death of her father. She told Itachi that her father had been a shinobi and she too wanted to become one. Another reason why she wanted to become a shinobi was because she wanted to choose a career path that was the same as the person she liked.

Clearly, the two characters developed feelings for each other but Itachi was tasked with a mission that is now considered one of the most tragic events in the Naruto series. He realized that the Uchiha clan was in the final stages of planning a coup against Konohagakure, so he decided to kill the entire clan that night.

While he was preparing to do so, he decided to kill Izumi first, since there was no turning back after that. He snuck into her house and cast a Tsukuyomi on Izumi. In that illusion, she lived a peaceful life with Itachi in which they were married and had children. The same illusion ended in her becoming sick and lying on her deathbed. Itachi decided to use that timing to his advantage and kill her then and there.

It seems that he cared a lot for Izumi and truly loved her. However, he had to choose between a war breaking out and wiping out his own clan, which would protect his brother as well.


Since Izumi was a part of the Uchiha clan, he was forced to kill her, but he did so in the kindest manner. This was a clear indication of his love for Izumi, and it seems that it truly hurt him when he was forced to make that call.

One of the many reasons why Naruto fans absolutely adore Itachi is his ability to bear the burden of everyone’s hatred in order to fulfill his duties.

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