Naruto: Why Might Guy was rejected from the Anbu? Explained

Might Guy, as seen in Naruto (Image via Pierrot)
Might Guy, as seen in Naruto (Image via Pierrot)

Konoha’s “Green Beast,” Might Guy, is renowned as Naruto’s most powerful Taijutsu user. Even Madara Uchiha had to acknowledge that Guy was the most proficient and potent opponent he had ever encountered in his life. Despite lacking talent in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, Guy enhanced his Taijutsu skills to a formidable level, compensating for all his drawbacks.

Guy is one of the strongest Jonins that Konoha has ever produced. Most Naruto fans might have missed one of the crucial moments in the storyline where Guy volunteered to join the ANBU division. However, his request was immediately rejected by the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and even the head of Anbu’s Root division, Danzo Shimura, seconded the Third’s decision.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Naruto anime and manga series.

Might Guy was unqualified for the Anbu division in Naruto


The Anbu are covert operatives comprised of highly proficient shinobis who only follow the orders of Hokage. Unlike other organizations in Konoha, the shinobis are hand-picked personally by the Hokage based on their capabilities and unique skills. The primary factor, an essential requirement for an individual to become Anbu, is to house darkness inside their hearts.

Most of the time in Naruto, the Anbu corps seemed to conduct their missions within the village’s borders. However, in actuality, the Anbu shinobis are tasked with S-ranked missions such as assassinating powerful rogue shinobis, infiltrating enemy territories, tracking valuable targets, and even if the situation demands, they must kill one of their allies.

As their mission often turns out to be sensitive, they’re expected to keep a low profile, which is why they conceal their appearance with animal-styled porcelain masks and use code names. Being caught by enemies is the worst thing that could happen to an Anbu shinobi. They are ordered to destroy themselves if they get injured on a mission to avoid being captured.

Might Guy is a powerful shinobi in Konoha, but he could have been a better fit for the organization if it wasn’t for his gregarious and ecstatic personality. The key reason behind Guy’s unabating determination to become an Anbu was the fear of losing his friend/rival Kakashi Hatake. Losing his teammates/friends took a heavy toll on Kakashi, and he eventually fell into depression.

To help Kakashi overcome the darkness, the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, assigned him to the Anbu division, where he became a cold-hearted, ruthless assassin. As many villagers believed Kakashi killed Rin purposely, they even bestowed him with the moniker: “Friend-killer Kakashi.”

Guy admired Kakashi all his life, and because he considered the latter his closest friend and the only rival he ever made, he immensely cared for him.

Guy didn’t want to see Kakashi engulfed in hatred, so he begged the Third Hokage to allow him to join the Anbu corps. However, the latter eventually rejected the request by telling the former that his skills won’t be well used in Anbu. Hiruzen was aware of the price Anbu shinobi had to pay and the gruesome rules they had to abide by to accomplish their mission.

Guy didn’t possess any of those qualities. Despite Kakashi being one of the most remarkable Anbu shinobis, Hiruzen relieved him from the Anbu, thanking him for his service. Hiruzen didn’t want Kakashi’s kindness to get corrupted by his job profile. Compared to Kakashi, Guy is more forgiving, which is why he wouldn’t have accomplished a single task while in Anbu.

Guy even asked the head of Anbu’s Root division, Danzo Shimura, to recruit him into the organization. The latter replied by telling the former that he lacked darkness. So, in conclusion, Guy has always been better suited to being a Jonin in Naruto.