Naruto: Why Tobirama was one of the most feared Hokage in Shippuden

Understanding Tobirama and why he was feared during his tenure as a Hokage (Image via Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Naruto)
Understanding Tobirama and why he was feared during his tenure as a Hokage (Image via Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Naruto)

Tobirama Senju is a popular character in the Naruto series, who has made a name for himself both as a Hokage and as a shinobi. Not only was he a strong shinobi, he also invented some of the most advanced jutsus in the shinobi world. Minato’s Flying Raijin was a technique that was created by Tobirama.

He was also an impressive Hokage who did a lot of administrative work as a Hokage, something that not many of his contemporaries could match up to.

Fans also believe that he is one of the most feared Hokages in the series. He did not particularly hate the Uchihas, but was cautious of them and respected their loyalty.

However, his feelings towards them made him one of the most feared Hokages, if not the most feared. Let us take a look at why some of the shinobis feared Tobirama as a Hokage in the Naruto series.

Understanding Tobirama and his abilities in the Naruto series

Tobirama is someone who is aggressive on the battlefield. He might seem like the type of person who has anger issues and lets his emotions dictate his movements. However, that cannot be further from the truth, since he is a brilliant tactician.

He also had a superior understanding of chakra, which led him to create some of the most advanced techniques like the Flying Raijin, Shadow Clone jutsu and the Edo Tensei, which were used by some of the toughest shinobis in the Naruto series.

Tobirama took down extremely strong shinobis during the Warring Period and was well-known for his fighting capabilities in many villages.

One of the reasons why he was feared was because he never minced his words or sugar coated anything that he intended to say. Tobirama also mentioned what he observed about his own brother and Madara Uchiha. He felt that Hashirama Senju was too naive in the Naruto series, since he believed that people would desegregate classes and live together in harmony.

Madara, on the other hand, was extremely skeptical of Hashirama’s approach. Tobirama attempted to find a middle ground so that the village could prosper.

Tobirama’s feelings towards the Uchiha was justified because he observed something about the clan and their eye. He realized that the Uchiha clan members release a particular type of chakra which manifests in the form of a Sharingan, and this happens when the person undergoes an event that induces huge amounts of negative emotions.

He was wary of the Uchiha clan and was capable of taking action that could cause conflicts between the Uchiha and the Senju clan, hence he was feared throughout.