Original Bleach series removed from Hulu and Crunchyroll ahead of Bleach: TYBW's premiere

Despite the looming arrival of Bleach: TYBW, fans are upset at the latest lack of access to the original series (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Despite the looming arrival of Bleach: TYBW, fans are upset at the latest lack of access to the original series (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Fans were shocked to learn when logging onto streaming giants Crunchyroll and Hulu, that the original Bleach has been removed from both sites as Bleach: TYBW approaches. While rumors have long-swirled that Disney bought the exclusive streaming rights to the Bleach: TYBW series, this news all but confirms this deal.

Thus, fans can expect the original adaptation of author and illustrator Tite Kubo’s smash-hit series to become available on Disney+ sometime in the coming weeks. It would be unsurprising to learn that part of Disney’s acquisition of the TYBW streaming rights included exclusivity on streaming the original series.

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Latest franchise news all but confirms Disney’s exclusive rights to Bleach: TYBW series as well as original

The news

With little to no warning as Bleach: TYBW approaches, both Hulu and Crunchyroll have removed the original series’ adaptation from their streaming services. Prior to this sudden and somewhat unexpected change, fans could stream the entirety of the original series on both sites. Both the sites offered the original Japanese dub and alternative dubs for the series.

While no official announcement on the matter has been made, it’s quite clear to many fans that this is a result of Disney’s rumored purchase of the Bleach: TYBW streaming rights. The original series’ departure from alternative streaming sites would suggest that the media conglomerate also gained exclusive streaming access to the original series, as well as the upcoming one.

Fans have been understandably upset, with many citing their being in the middle of a rewatch of the series with the sequel adaptation arriving in a matter of days. While some fans aren’t quite sold on Disney having exclusive streaming rights, this latest news combined with reports from previous months would certainly suggest that to be the case.

The upcoming anime is set to premiere on Monday, October 10 at 12 JST, via various Japanese broadcasting stations including TV Tokyo, TV Shizuoka, and the AT-X Network. A simulcast has been announced for the series via the New York Comic Con’s discussion of their exclusive North American premiere. However, no streaming company has been officially paired yet.

Despite all the signs pointing to a simulcast at Disney+ for the upcoming series, there is no official announcement regarding where international viewers can watch the series’ simulcast. However, with the series’ premiere just days away, fans can expect the announcement to come sometime soon.

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