Assassination Classroom: Why does Korosensei want to destroy the earth?

Moon destroyed up to 70% (Image via Yusei Matsui/Viz Media/Brain's Base/Assassination Classroom)
Moon destroyed up to 70% (Image via Yusei Matsui/Viz Media/Brain's Base/Assassination Classroom)

Korosensei in Assassination Classroom is regarded as one of the goofiest individuals, but he was also capable of switching his disposition from childish to serious on the fly. As a teacher, he was very protective of his students and could get outraged in an instant if anyone tried to threaten their life.

Being the most powerful creature on the face of the earth capable enough to blow up the entire moon, Korosensei became a threat to the people on earth as he was going to do the same thing to earth. Although Korosensei seemed to enjoy being a teacher of Class 3-E and wanted to travel the world at his Mach 20 speed, many fans are still puzzled as to why he desired to wipe out the entire earth.

Note: This article contains heavy spoilers of Assassination Classroom.

Exploring the reasons behind Korosensei's wish to blow up the Earth in Assassination Classroom

In Assassination Classroom, before he transitioned into a huge yellow-colored octopus with lots of tentacles and a bulbous head, Korosensei underwent extensive experimentation at an undocumented research laboratory in which his bloodstream was infused with antimatter. He had to endure extreme pain and several rejections from the antimatter before gaining control over his new body.

The exact experiment done on Korosensei was repeated on a rat, but due to the rat's small body and instability, it blew up and destroyed 70% of the moon. Kotaro Yanagisawa, the person behind the shady experimentation, deduced the probability of when Korosensei was going to blow up the entire earth.

Where a gram of antimatter is enough to produce an explosion the size of a nuclear bomb, Korosensei was three meters tall and was entirely infused with antimatter.

In a nutshell, the time in which the antimatter would deteriorate was proportional to the size of the being experimented upon, where the rat eventually blew up in little to no time, but Korosensei still had 365 days left from the start of the experiment. Despite not having anything to do with the moon, Korosensei took the blame for its destruction.

In Assassination Classroom, Korosensei was aware of his eventual death and called it a cursed death. Being a former assassin who possessed Reaper attributes, he wanted to test his limits by turning against humanity and doing what pleases him. However, Aguri Yukimura, a teacher who was at the time in an abusive marriage to Yanagisawa, saved him from getting lost in the darkness.

Aguri was the only person in Korosensei’s life who, despite knowing everything about him, showed kindness and empathy. However, she was fatally wounded by a tentacle mine while she was trying to calm Korosensei. In her last moments, Aguri wanted Korosensei to become a teacher and help the kids of Class 3-E in succeeding at life.

Despite knowing he was doomed, Korosensei dedicated the remainder of his life to teaching the students of Class 3-E. As world leaders couldn't go against a being who moves at the speed of Mach 20, Korosensei gave them the option to save the earth by letting himself get assassinated specifically at the hands of the students of Kunugigaoka Junior High School’s Class 3-E.

In Assassination Classroom’s final moments, fans learned that Korosensei could have been saved, but he ultimately chose to die at the hands of his precious students. Moreover, Korosensei didn’t have any other option as the world leaders were after him. His death was necessary as it helped his students grow more as people.

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