Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village announces new cast members for Kokushibo and other Upper Moons

Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village announces new cast members (Image via Ufotable)
Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village announces new cast members (Image via Ufotable)

As the most awaited anime series sequel of 2023, Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village has yet again surprised fans by revealing the four new cast members who will be playing Kokushibo, Douma, Hantengu, and Gyokko, the four demons of 12 Kizuki. The information was announced on ABEMA TV’s special program Kimetsu TV-World Tour Screening Opening SP.

In addition to the announcement, Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village also dropped a screen-cut promo video featuring all the Upper Moons. A unique illustration of the Upper Moons has also been revealed at the end of the video. In addition, Man With A Mission and Milet have announced they are collaborating with the franchise to give the sequel a reviving theme song, befitting the upcoming journey the protagonist will embark on.

Ryotaro Okiayu and Toshio Furukawa join the cast of Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village to voice two of the Upper Moons


It was no surprise to Demon Slayer fans that Mamoru Miyano would voice Douma after the character made his last-minute entry in the previous season’s penultimate episode. Although the VA behind Douma wasn’t revealed earlier, fans aware of Mamoru’s works doesn’t even need to be known for the artist voicing the Upper Moon 2.

Mamoru Miyano is a respected voice artist known for playing Light Yagami in Death Note and Rintaro Okabe in Steins;Gate. Ryotaro Okiayu, the renowned VA behind Byakuya Kuchiki in Bleach and Akio Furukawa in Kaginado, will be playing Kokushibo, the Upper Moon 1.

Toshio Furukawa, the award-winning Japanese voice actor, actor, and narrator known for playing Portgas D. Ace in One Piece and Piccolo in Dragon Ball, will be voicing Hantengu, the Upper Moon 4. Lastly, Kousuke Toriumi, known for voicing Kiba Inuzuka in Naruto and Guido Mista in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, will be joining the cast members by taking on the role of Gyokko, the Upper Moon 5.


Apart from them, Man With A Mission, the famed Japanese rock band, will be collaborating with the renowned singer Milet to sing Kizuna no Kisaki for Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village.

After the song was revealed, Jean-Ken Johnny (guitar, vocals, rap) from Man With A Mission and Milet shared their thoughts on their collaborative project and excitement for the upcoming installment of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Here’s what Jean-Ken Johnny had to say about working with Milet (Source: Comic Natalie, translated from Google Translate):

"It's an honor to work on the opening theme song of this rare masterpiece with Milet, the diva of the Koremata era. The lives of the characters in the work intertwine, and the story miraculously connects the bonds that are spun together."

Milet also expressed her delight at working with the band Man With A Mission and expects her song to reach fans of Demon Slayer around the world (Source: Comic Natalie, translated from Google Translate):

"My heart has been pounding as i am very happy to add my voice to Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village. I hope that this song, "Kizuna no Kiseki," continues to be loved all over the world and will be supported by together with the invincible people called MAN WITH A MISSION. A story of dense and fleeting bonds and love. I will sing with all my heart and care."

Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village will debut on Fuji TV in April 2023. The exact release date of the series hasn’t been revealed yet. However, fans can expect more details regarding the upcoming sequel to be disclosed soon.

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Edited by Priya Majumdar
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