Giji Harem anime reveals main staff with new PV

Giji Harem anime reveals main staff with new PV
Giji Harem anime reveals main staff with new PV (Image via Nomad)

On February 14, 2024, a new PV for the upcoming Giji Harem anime (Pseudo Harem) was released. It revealed the main staff members who will be working together on the anime series.

Giji Harem anime is based on a manga series of the same name, written and illustrated by Saito Yuu. This manga series is the author's most influential project, which started as a web manga series on X.

The manga completed its serialization in March 2021, with a total of six volumes. Although the series began in June 2018, official serialization started in January 2019. The series has not received English serialization from any publishing company yet.

Giji Harem anime new PV reveals the main staff members taking part in the series


The preview opens with the shot of the male and female protagonists of Giji Harem anime, Kitahama Eiji and Nanakura Rin, having a casual conversation on the side of their school playground.

The preview then progresses to reveal the main staff members and the voices of some supporting characters. It ends with Nanakura Rin making cat noises in her cat outfit, as she gets praised by Kitahama Eiji.

Kitahama Eiji will be voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko, who is famous for voicing Bakugo from My Hero Academia and Himmel from Frieren: Beyond Journey's End. Nanakura Rin will be voiced by Saori Hayami, who is famous for voicing Yor from Spy x Family and Shinobu from Demon Slayer.

The anime series will be directed by Toshihiro Kikuchi, who directed the spin-off series, Bungou Stray Dogs: Wan! Meanwhile, Yuuko Kakihara will be responsible for handling the composition of the series. She is famous for her role in anime series like Tsuki ga Kirei, Cells at Work, and many others.

The character designs will be done by Yoshihisa Satou, who has worked as Chief Animation Director for Summertime Rendering. Takeshi Watanabe will be responsible for composing the music for this series. He is most famous for his work on To Lov Ru and The Duke of Death and His Maid. The series will be animated by animation studio Nomad.

What is Giji Harem anime about?

Giji Harem anime key visual (Image via Nomad)
Giji Harem anime key visual (Image via Nomad)

Giji Harem is a slice-of-life anime series that follows the story of a high school boy, Kitahama Eiji. Eiji is a member of the drama club of this school and is desperate to become popular among the girls.

One day, he meets Rin Nanakura, Eiji's junior, who also becomes a part of the drama club. Together, these two devise a plan to make Eiji popular with the girls by using Rin's socializing skills.

Although this plan is going well, and Eiji is getting recognized by most girls, Rin's affection towards the protagonist is also visible as daylight. So, will Rin be able to make a place in Eiji's heart?

Any information regarding the release date or the streaming services airing this series has not been released yet.

Edited by Susrita Das
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