Gurren Lagann gets new mobile game in October 2023

Gurren Lagann gets new mobile game in October 2023 (Image via Aniplex)
Gurren Lagann gets new mobile game in October 2023 (Image via Aniplex)

It was announced on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, that the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann anime series would be receiving a new smartphone game for Android and iOS. The news comes from the official Facebook account for the game, which is being produced by KLab, Wanda Cinema Games, and Aniplex.

The game is set to premiere in mid-October 2023, and has already announced its pre-registration as being open, as well as teased a collaboration with another Aniplex anime. It’s expected that the Gurren Lagann game will release more collaboration details soon, as well as details on the game itself in general.

What is especially exciting about the upcoming game is that some key roles from the original 27-episode Gurren Lagann anime series will be reprised for the upcoming game. With this being the first game based on the anime series, it’s especially encouraging to see an apparent devotion to representing the source material as faithfully as possible.

Gurren Lagann mobile strategy game set to release worldwide on Thursday, October 12

The latest

As has already been mentioned, the Gurren Lagann mobile strategy game is set to be released on Thursday, October 12, 2023, although the exact time for its launch has not yet been revealed. The game’s launch will also seemingly be an immediate international one, which is further supported by the fact that promotional material for the game exists in English.

The game is expected to quickly collaborate with another massively successful Aniplex anime series, Kill la Kill. While the collaboration has only been teased at the time of this article’s writing, it’s expected that more details will come soon after the game’s release. With this in mind, players could see the Kill la Kill collaboration be fully launched by this year’s end.

It has also been confirmed that voice actors Tetsuya Kakihara and Katsuyuki Konichi are reprising their roles from the anime series as Simon and Kamina, respectively. The project is being overseen by Studio Trigger, which features many former Gainax animators. Gainax is credited with creating the original anime series.

The 27-episode original television anime series first premiered in April 2007. Two movies then opened in September 2008 and April 2009, titled Childhood’s End and The Lights in the Sky Are Stars, respectively. The franchise has also spawned two original video animations (OVAs), titled Parallel Works, as well as several manga adaptations and spinoffs, and finally, three stage plays.

The series is considered a quintessential anime pick, with many fans recommending it as a great starter anime. Some go as far as to call it a microcosm of everything that’s great about anime in general, but more specifically, battle shonen anime. While the series is primarily a battle shonen anime, it does offer some unique aspects of other genres of anime and manga within its 27-episode run.

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