My Dress-up Darling sequel project announced

Marin will return to our screens in the near future (Image via Studio CloverWorks)
Marin will return to our screens in the near future (Image via Studio CloverWorks)

My Dress-up Darling fans will be glad to know that a sequel to the hit anime series has finally been announced. Gojo and Marin will soon be returning to our screens for more cosplay-related romantic adventures.

The announcement of the sequel to My Dress-up Darling was accompanied by a teaser trailer containing details about the plot of the long-awaited continuation.

Keep reading to learn more about this news concerning one of the most popular shows of the last few years.

What kind of new cosplay could Marin use in the sequel to My Dress-up Darling?

"My Dress-up Darling" Anime Sequel Announced.

The new sequel to My Dress-up Darling was announced through social media just a couple of hours ago. The announcement made it clear that this new project will be a direct continuation of the events of season one of the anime series.

"My Dress-up Darling" Anime Sequel Annoucement Teaser

The teaser for this new sequel contains some of the most popular and iconic scenes from the first season, like the photoshoot inside the hotel room. It also revealed some new scenes that fans will be able to enjoy once the project is released.

As of yet, it is still unknown if this sequel will be a second season of the anime or a movie. Nonetheless, fans are already ecstatic about the news of a continuation of their favorite show.

What is the series about?

Marin and Gojo (Image via Studio CloverWorks)
Marin and Gojo (Image via Studio CloverWorks)

My Dress-up Darling is a romance-comedy anime series that tells the story of Gojo. He is a high school student that loves hina dolls and has a desire to someday become a master craftsman like his grandfather. Sadly, his aspirations caused him to be ridiculed in the past, which is why he closed himself off from the rest of the world.

One day, a girl named Marin finds Gojo sewing clothes for his dolls, which grabs the blonde girl’s attention. His classmate asks our protagonist if he is capable of designing cosplays, as Marin loves wearing them. This fateful encounter is what starts a blossoming relationship between the two young students.

Final thoughts

Marin in cosplay (Image via Studio CloverWorks)
Marin in cosplay (Image via Studio CloverWorks)

With the massive success of the first season of My Dress-up Darling, it was just a matter of time before a sequel was announced. Despite not knowing what this new project will entail, fans are losing their minds with the announcement. The series has been extremely popular since it first aired, due to its wholesome and hilarious moments.

This sequel will likely continue with the events of the manga, which has been releasing a new chapter every two weeks for years at this point. The first season adapted the first 39 chapters of the 81 contained in the original manga.

We will have to wait until more information is given about this project to learn what exactly this sequel will be about.

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