My Hero Academia season 6 cour 2 release date and theme song leaked

The long-awaited release date for the season
The long-awaited release date for the season's second cour has finally arrived (Image via Studio Bones)

Twitter user and reputable series community member @DabisPoleDance posted a Weekly Shonen Jump page which gives the release date for My Hero Academia season 6 cour 2. The page, which is currently considered a leak since the issue is yet to be officially released, also specifies that a new end theme will be used in the upcoming second cour.

My Hero Academia season 6 cour 2 is set to begin airing on Saturday, January 7, 2023, likely staying put in its current timeslot. Rock band Six Lounge will perform the new ending theme, which is reportedly titled "Kitakaze."

My Hero Academia season 6 cour 2 finally set to begin airing in January

#MHASpoilers #MHA376 Season 6 Cour 2 will start January 7th featuring an new ED by six lounge!

For manga-readers, My Hero Academia season 6 cour 2’s release date is a day that can’t come quickly enough. It’s set to cover some of the most beloved arcs in the series, as well as hopefully correct what has been an interestingly handled adaptation thus far. While the first half of season 6 hasn’t necessarily been bad, many fans are expressing varying levels of disappointment.

As a result, fans have had high hopes for the season’s second half of material, set to adapt the Tartarus Escapees arc and, most likely, the Star and Stripe arc. Both of these starting arcs to the Final Act saga are some of the most celebrated in the series - the former for its departure from the series’ traditional tone and storytelling and the latter for its implicit worldbuilding.

@DabisPoleDance Hope theres a new op too. Or at least completely different visuals

Especially with Mob Psycho 100 III ending this week, fans are hopeful that the production value of My Hero Academia season 6 cour 2 will increase accordingly. While not necessarily correlated, fans may see an increase in animation quality by Studio Bones for the second cour based on the popularity of the source material alone, if not also for Mob Psycho 100 III ending.

This theory is further supported by the moments that the series’ first cour got right, such as the infamous Dabi’s Dance scene. More recently, the return of Mirio Togata with his full-fledged Permeation Quirk was also well done. With a devotion to these key moments apparent throughout the season’s first half, fans are optimistic about what’s to come from Studio Bones.

In any case, fans won’t know for sure until the second cour premieres on Saturday, January 7, 2023. Hopefully, fans will be rewarded for their patience thus far with an unforgettable final half of the season.

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