One Piece anime upcoming episode titles revealed as they paint an exciting picture for what's ahead

Chopper seems to be thrust in a starring role for two upcoming One Piece episodes. (Image via Toei Animation)
Chopper seems to be thrust in a starring role for two upcoming One Piece episodes. (Image via Toei Animation)

Upcoming episode titles for the One Piece anime have been announced through episode 1009. These titles paint a decent picture of what’s to come, even without any actual episode information.

The current state of the Onigashima raid is somewhat hectic. Queen has begun using his plague bullets, and the Akazaya Nine are locked in fierce combat with Kaido. It seems like the upcoming episodes will focus on the raid in general.

Follow along as this article breaks down what to expect based on the episode titles.

One Piece upcoming anime episode titles paint a picture that heavily involve Chopper and other Straw Hats

Twitter user and One Piece leaker @Orojapan1 has recently revealed the titles for upcoming One Piece anime episodes.

As seen in the above Tweet, One Piece episodes 1006 and 1007 seem to focus heavily on Chopper and Zoro. Both are currently on the live floor where Queen’s Ice Oni plague is spreading, so the two will likely cooperate to cure the sickness from everyone present.

Since Zoro isn’t much of a doctor, it’s safe to assume he’ll enter combat with Queen or another Beast Pirate to achieve the end of a cure. The more significant revelation from these titles seems to be Chopper getting a chance to shine as a doctor. This is a welcome development, as One Piece fans rarely get to see Chopper’s doctor skills come through in clutch moments.

One Piece episode 1008 seems to focus on Nami of the Straw Hats and Ulti of the Tobi Roppo (Flying Six). Considering the use of the word headbutt here, it’s safe to assume Nami vs. Ulti is a matchup fans will be seeing in just a few short episodes. Nami in general has had very sparing combat opportunities in the New World, so it would be great to see her contribute on that front for the first time in a while.

Finally, One Piece episode 1009 seems to focus on Sasaki and his forces engaging in combat against Yamato. As of this writing, Yamato is currently still chasing Shinobu and Momonosuke around in the One Piece anime.

It’s safe to assume Yamato either convinces them to take her help by the time she runs into Sasaki’s forces, or Yamato is fighting to free Shinobu and Momonosuke at this point.

In summation

The upcoming One Piece anime episodes seem to be a great string based on titles alone. While this article is speculatory, it’s safe to assume some variation of the essence of each episode's title will occur in the corresponding One Piece episode.

In particular, the two episodes focusing on Chopper seem poised to be incredibly exciting for fans. This is likely the first high-stakes, battlefield situation Chopper has been in as a doctor and seeing how he handles it is surely something One Piece fans are looking forward to.

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