One Piece live-action leak confirms fan-speculation about Arlong Park

Fans are excited to have all but official confirmation that this iconic Arlong Park scene and more will be in the live-action
The Straw Hat crew (Image via Toei Animation)

Following the announcement in January about the One Piece live-action series debuting sometime this year, an additional set leak was recently released. The leak focuses on two signs, which anime and manga fans will instantly recognize since they know its significance in terms of what the live-action adaptation will cover.

The leak also confirms fan speculation that the first season will at least include the Arlong Park arc in its adaptation. While One Piece live-action showrunner Matt Ownes had teased as much in a recent YouTube stream appearance, exactly what the first season will cover has yet to be officially confirmed by any source.

One Piece live-action set leak shows shortened name of Nami's village, confirms Arlong Park arc adaptation

The leak comes from Twitter user @OP_Netflix_Fan, who has been a reputable news and leaks source for the One Piece live-action series since the Fall of 2021. Per their own reply to the original tweet showcasing the leak in question, the leak comes from their “Discord server detectives,” referencing the server they run, which focuses on gathering news for the series.

The leak features two signs advertising 100% natural tangerines from Coco Village. This is presumably a shortening of the name Cocoyasi Village, the name of Nami and Nojiko’s hometown in the series’ anime and manga. The signs also emphasize that they’re “canned at the Conomi Islands,” which is the canonical name of the archipelago where Cocoyasi Village is located.

The signs are the same except for one showing signs of aging, such as chipped paint, rust, and dirt smeared across the sign. The two signs will most likely be used in a flashback scene for Nami, played by Emily Rudd, with the cleaner one being what it looked like before she set out to sea and the dirtier one being its appearance upon her return.

Especially exciting about this leak is that the canonical information present on the signs strongly suggests that the Arlong Park arc will be fully adapted in the live-action series’ first season. Cocoyasi Village of the Conomi Islands makes its anime and manga debut during the Arlong Park arc, hence the assumption made via this leak that the arc will be adapted in the first season.

While several other set leaks and teases from cast and staff have suggested the arc will be adapted, this is arguably the first hard evidence for such an assumption. With no set leaks from the Arlong Park arc aside from this latest signage, fans are relieved that one of the most beloved early arcs will indeed be adapted in the first season of One Piece live-action.

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Edited by Shreya Das
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