One Piece live-action leaks: Garp's ship built, giving indication on what first season will cover

Monkey D. Garp as seen during his youth (Image via Toei Animation)
Monkey D. Garp as seen during his youth (Image via Toei Animation)

Additional leaks surrounding Netflix’s One Piece live-action adaptation have been released today. Based on previous leaks, the main set is being established in Cape Town, South Africa, at Cape Town Film Studios.

The leaks of Garp’s ship also come from Cape Town Film Studios, further confirming this to be the One Piece live-action adaptation's home base. Furthermore, this gives fans a good idea of exactly how much One Piece live-action’s first season will cover.

Follow along as this article breaks down these latest leaks, as well as what they imply regarding the material One Piece live-action will cover.

One Piece live-action set leaks seemingly show Garp’s ship built

Garp’s ship set piece leaked

The latest live-action set leaks seem to show Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp’s ship being built. Garp, of course, is the grandfather of the series protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy.

Considering Netflix’s One Piece live-action adaptation is filming its first season, Garp’s ship will likely appear when he takes Coby and Helmeppo under his wing. This occurs in Episode 68 of the anime and Chapter 92 of the manga, likely indicating that the adaptation will cover up to this point.

Doing so would presumably include the full Reverse Mountain arc, as well as the full Whiskey Peak arc. These two arcs serve as the first in the Alabasta saga, which would presumably be used as the season one finale to set up the second season covering the Alabasta saga.

At the very least, it’s encouraging to see that the adaptation team is structuring the first season with a continuation in mind. Previous reports have indicated this live-action adaptation to be the biggest budget Netflix has given out in their own anime adaptation sector.

Total investment is reported to be at around 100 million dollars, meaning each individual episode will have a roughly ten million dollar budget. This is comparable to hit live-action shows such as Game of Thrones, which ranged from seven to 15 million per episode depending on the season.

With such a high price tag, expectations for the series are extremely high within the community. Previous reports of set pieces and stage outfits, in addition to this most recent leak, seem to be making fans excited at the budget being wisely spent.

In summation

All in all, the One Piece live-action leaks thus far have been incredibly encouraging. The casting of Garp and, specifically, the construction of his ship as a set piece seem to indicate a vast amount of source material being adapted.

One of the adaptation’s largest roadblocks in the form of Luffy’s Devil Fruit powers remains to be seen, but all the leaks so far are encouraging. As with any live-action adaptation, fans are wary but also excited and optimistic given the quality indications thus far.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as the year of the series’ 25th anniversary progresses.