One Piece live-action leaks show Marine uniforms hanging and worn by actors

The series logo for the live-action adaptation (Image via Netflix)
The series logo for the live-action adaptation (Image via Netflix)

Earlier this morning, additional One Piece live-action costumes and character photos were leaked. Highlighted in these leaks are the One Piece live-action marine costumes, both hanging up and being worn by actors (or extras).

Fan reactions to the costume leaks have generally been positive, with some criticizing the design and coloration of the costumes. In general, however, the reaction further portrays the fanbase as excited for the live-action adaptation.

Follow along as this article breaks down the new One Piece live-action leaks in detail, as well as the fanbase’s reactions to them.

One Piece live-action Marine uniforms leak, generally garner positive reactions

Live-action costume leak and reaction

On February 28, photos of the One Piece live-action series’ marine outfits were leaked to Twitter by user @OP_Netflix_Fan. @OP_Netflix_Fan posted two photos of the outfit hanging, one full shot of the costume, and one up-close to show details.

@OP_Netflix_Fan then sent out a second tweet, showing what the costumes looked like when worn by the actors. Fans who reposted a zoomed-in version of the photo pointed out how the costumes looked much better when being worn by actors.

Fans are responding positively, praising the adaptation’s existence overall and reaffirming their optimism for its quality. General criticisms from some mixed reactions include the sleeves being too long and the outfits being dark blue instead of a lighter blue.

Negative reactions to these live-action leaks have been mixed, however. Some are merely apprehensive regarding the quality of both the costumes in question and the adaptation in general.

Other fans, however, are saying how they still hope the series gets canceled, never making it to air. Further criticisms include the costumes being somewhat oversized, as well as the actors wearing masks in the pictures leaked.

The masks are likely because the captured moments are part of a rehearsal and not genuine shooting. This is also likely why some costumes look oversized, as they will expectedly go through final alterations prior to their being worn and acted in on camera.

In summation

The recent One Piece live-action leaks seemingly have the majority of the fanbase even more excited for the adaptation’s arrival. Unfortunately, there still seems to be a section of the fanbase that views the adaptation and its production as unnecessary and a poor decision.

Nevertheless, it seems production with the series is moving along steadily. Several leaks have come out in the months since the series’ announcement, highlighting how far production has come in that short while.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece anime, manga, live-action, and film news as the year of the series’ 25th anniversary progresses.

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