One Piece Chapter 1041 (Full-length spoilers): Momonosuke's self-doubt, Komurasaki's identity revealed, and more

Hiyori (left) and Momonosuke (right) take centre stage in One Piece Chapter 1041 (Image via Toei Animation)
Hiyori (left) and Momonosuke (right) take centre stage in One Piece Chapter 1041 (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece Chapter 1041 full-length spoilers have been released, and with them come some shocking revelations as the Wano arc begins its closing moments. Of particular note from One Piece Chapter 1041 are all the loose ends being tied up, besides Kaido versus Luffy reaches to a close.

Further highlights include a flashback of Kaido's first meeting with Big Mom. If the contextual information seen in the extended One Piece Chapter 1041 spoilers is accurate, Big Mom is possibly around the age of 24 with Kaido being 15-years-old in the flashback.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the extended One Piece Chapter 1041 spoiler summary.

One Piece Chapter 1041 shows big moments for both Kozuki children

One Piece Chapter 1041: Kozuki kids shine and Raizou’s victory

One Piece Chapter 1041’s story content opens up immediately where the previous issue ended. Momonosuke is still talking to Yamato about Zunesha, saying he doesn’t know more than he’s already shared. As this is said, Zunesha is seen still waiting by the World Government ships.

Zunesha then cries out to Momonosuke, asking for orders and saying they’ve come to fight alongside the Kozuki clan. Yamato smiles, delighted that Momo can talk to Zunesha and revealing, in the process, that Oden predicted this. She continues, saying Momo is definitely “the one who will bring this world to the dawn,” another likely prediction of Oden’s.

Momo revealed that he knew he must not die after reading his father’s journal, but expresses doubts. He questions his father’s decision to rip out the most important pages, wondering what he and Roger could have found and laughed at.

He continued, questioning the two’s real plans and whether or not they’d still want to open the country today. Lamenting his father’s inability to predict the future, he expresses his caution at opening Wano for the people’s safety, asking Yamato if he’s cowardly for thinking this way. She, in response, merely looks at Momo with a visible worry on her face.

Meanwhile, on the Skull Dome’s third floor, Fukurokuju has finally collapsed, leaving Raizo to be declared the winner. Being on fire, however, gives the ninja no time to celebrate, as he begins rolling on the ground to put himself out. The narrator announces Raizo the winner just as Jinbe shows up.

As the two continue talking, Raizo suspiciously says that the “preparation” is almost done, without further alluding to what this means. Unfortunately, One Piece Chapter 1041 then cuts to the 2nd floor’s Treasure Hall, where Komurasaki and Orochi currently are.

Komurasaki continues playing her biwa, while Orochi worries about Fukurokuju and Kazenbo, as well as whether the former left him alone on Onigashima. He’s visibly angry and worried throughout all this, as he told Komurasaki to stop playing. He then asks why she always has a mask on, questioning whether she’s the real Komurasaki or a ghost.

The roof then suddenly collapses, trapping Orochi who’s apparently unable to transform via his Devil Fruit powers. After he asked Komurasaki for help, the latter eventually reveals she stabbed him with Sea Prism Stone, blocking his Devil Fruit powers. He questions this development, reminding Komurasaki that she confessed her love for him.

She denies having such feelings in her heart, before revealing that her song is entitled Moon Princess, followed by a flashback of her and her father. Apparently, Oden loved the song, which prompted a young Hiyori to promise to learn to play it even better.

Back in the present, she reveals her identity to Orochi by saying that her father, Kozuki Oden, loved the song. The One Piece Chapter 1041 spoilers emphasize that, at this point, she still has her mask on.

Orochi questions her claim, before Hiyori asks how she can force herself to smile.

One Piece Chapter 1041: New Gorosei orders

One Piece Chapter 1041 then cuts to the Skull Dome’s basement, where Izou is seen fighting the CP0 members. He and the masked agent attack each other simultaneously, knocking each other out in the process. Before falling unconscious, Izou says that Kiku must survive.

The CP0 boss is then also seen sitting on the ground, but is not as injured as his partner. The boss curses Izou before running to his partner, who is apparently named Maha. He laments Whitebeard’s crew helping the Straw Hats, when suddenly a Den-Den Mushi rings.

Maha tells the boss to hurry up and get Robin as the Mushi is answered, where it’s revealed the Gorosei have given new orders. Their previous orders were to capture Nico Robin as quickly as possible, but now they’re told that Luffy must be eliminated immediately.

The CP0 boss reminds whoever’s on the other line that Luffy is fighting Kaido, asking how to get involved in their battle. The person on the other line responds by essentially saying that this order is being given to prevent what would happen if Luffy wins.

CP0s reasons for getting involved so far have been surrounding the potential outcomes of the war, so this is at least in line with their previous motivations. As this is being discussed, X Drake can be seen getting up and refusing to go down that easily.

Apparently, the person the CP0 boss is talking to says they only “know rumors about 'it',” with what they’re referring to unclear. Likely in response to seeing X Drake get up, the boss then expresses frustration with this group of pirates.

One Piece Chapter 1041 then cuts to another area of the basement, where Usopp is seen protecting Kin’emon and Kikunojo, who are riding on Hamlet. The lattermost is a former Gifter of the Beast Pirates who was tamed by Otama’s Millet-Millet Fruit.

Carrot, Wanda, and Cat Viper are then seen coming back inside the Skull Dome after being outside poses a risk of falling off the island now. Franky is also shown grabbing Zoro before he fell off the island, with the former seen lifting him back up to the ground.

Nami and Zeus, meanwhile, are seen talking near a bath house on the first floor. Zeus reveals that Big Mom has been defeated, which quickly shocks Nami before she asks for various updates on the situation. Zeus ignores her and thinks about Big Mom, prompting her to ask who’s more important to him.

He responds that Nami is more important before the two enter the bath house where Otama, Speed, Marco, Komachiyo, and Hihimaru already are. Marco is seen healing the latter two in the bath, while Speed is trying to remind everyone of the falling debris.

Perspective reshifts to the area where Big Mom fought Law and Kid, where the latter two are resting after their victory. The two question whether they should prepare for Kaido, before agreeing that if he’s the one who comes down, there’s nothing they can do.

One Piece Chapter 1041: Kaido’s flashback and final pages

As the two say this, perspective yet again shifts to the Skull Dome rooftop, where Luffy and Kaido are still fighting. The two are seen clashing with Conqueror’s Haki initially, but briefly stop and pause for a few moments.

Kaido realizes that Big Mom has been defeated, news which Luffy happily responds to. He congratulates his friends while his opponent begins reminiscing about meeting Big Mom for the first time. The flashback is from Kaido’s perspective, so only a “young and beautiful” Big Mom is seen.

Linlin is seen poking fun at Kaido’s shyness and quietness, before asking him his age. Apparently, he is 15 at the time of the flashback. This is also, evidently, when he first joins the Rocks pirates. She tells him not to trust Rocks. The flashback ends with her proclaiming her desire to become the King of the Seas.

Back in the present, Kaido switches into another Sad Drunk mode while crying about how long he’s known Linlin. He continued, saying right when they decided to go for the One Piece together, she lost to some rookies.

Luffy, meanwhile, transforms into Gear Fourth: Snakeman and hits his opponent with a Conqueror’s Haki Punch, right in the face. In an “amazing double page” spread, Luffy debuts the Gum-Gum Hydra, which is multiple Jet Culverins hitting Kaido with Advanced Conqueror’s Haki.

In One Piece Chapter 1041’s final moments, Luffy says he doesn’t care about Kaido’s ambitions, especially when he forces the Wano people to starve. He then reveals that this will be his final Gear Fourth, and that he won’t stop attacking until he runs out of strength and brings Kaido down.

Kaido wonders where all these punches keep coming from, while Luffy responds that he’ll definitely kick him out of Wano. One Piece Chapter 1041 ends here with no announcement of a series break next week.

One Piece Chapter 1041: In summation

One Piece Chapter 1041 proves to be an engaging and exciting chapter, which seemingly starts at the beginning of the Onigashima Raid’s end. While the Wano arc will still have a wrap-up phase to go through, it seems the arc’s climax will soon be at hand.

One Piece Chapter 1041’s particular strengths come from giving the Kozuki clan children, Hiyori and Momonosuke, time to shine. Momo’s doubts give him a clear character arc and developmental journey in Wano’s wake.

Hiyori, meanwhile, is seemingly approaching the end of her arc and journey by taking revenge on Orochi for her family.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece Chapter 1041 news, as well as the anime, manga, film, and live-action updates during the 25th anniversary year of the series.

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