One Piece Episode 1011: Kaido's plan revealed, Zoro's proclamation, and more

Kaido's big plans for Onigashima are revealed in One Piece Episode 1011 (Image via Toei)
Kaido's big plans for Onigashima are revealed in One Piece Episode 1011 (Image via Toei)

One Piece Episode 1011 released Saturday, February 19, much to the joy of series’ fans everywhere. While pacing problems still plague production of the anime, One Piece Episode 1011 has plenty of exciting reveals to make up for it.

The primary highlight is Kaido’s dastardly plan finally being revealed, and in grand fashion, no less. Zoro also shines in a few key moments for his character, also setting up what anime-only fans can expect in the coming episodes.

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Fated combatants get closer and closer to the rooftop in One Piece Episode 1011

One Piece Episode 1011: Sanji’s folly

One Piece Episode 1011 opens immediately where 1010 left off. Sanji, Luffy, and Jinbe are climbing the stairs to the fourth floor when the former suddenly stops. Apparently, he hears a woman in a dangerous situation, which visibly worries and bothers him.

The three resume climbing shortly thereafter and reach the top of the stairs. Sanji splits from Luffy and Jinbe here, telling the two not to wait up for him. As the two start heading on their own, Jinbe begins speculating that Sanji sensed a strong enemy. Still assuming this, he compliments Sanji and the other Straw Hats for always doing what must be done.

As a funny joke for the audience, he shortly says to himself that needs “to learn their ways,” referencing the Straw Hats in general. Ironically, if he knew what Sanji was really running towards, he likely wouldn’t be complimenting him as such.

Jinbe races after Luffy before the perspective shifts back to Sanji, who says he hears a “hot woman” in need of help. He arrives at the door, where two silhouettes play out the scene fans saw earlier in One Piece Episode 1011 and in the prior episode.

After going on a rant about how he must protect this woman’s dignity, Sanji bursts through the door and is trapped in a spider web. Completely immobilized, the man and woman then attack him, apparently hard enough for him to begin bleeding from the impact.

He crashes to and lies on the floor, listening to Black Maria’s subordinates talk about him.

They say he must be stronger than Zoro since his bounty is higher, which obviously gets a rise out of Sanji. He demands to be let go when Black Maria appears, saying she can’t let him go because he’ll bring the battle to her domain.

In a hilarious sequence, Black Maria begins playing the song on her lute, a recurring motif in recent episodes. As this happens, Sanji begins imagining a fantasy of the two of them, based on the lyrics of the song she’s playing. Coming back to reality, he’s seen having heart eyes before snapping out of it.

Upon returning to his senses, he sees various dead men hanging in webs at the back of the room. For roughly the next minute, Sanji goes back and forth between excitement and rationally analyzing his situation.

Just when it seems he’s snapped out of it, Black Maria teasingly asks if he loves him, which a heart-eyed Sanji confirms before perspective shifts.

The Live Floor and bouncing around

One Piece Episode 1011 then quickly shifts to Luffy and Jinbe, still making their way up the stairs to the fourth floor. On the way, they’re spotted by one of Bao Huang’s Marys.

Going back to the live floor, Bao Huang then reports this to a nearby King, as well as informing him of Gifters Poker and Mizerka waiting for Luffy on the stairs.

Perspective then shifts to Poker and Mizerka, who are on the stairs waiting for Luffy while arguing about how to split his bounty. Going back to Luffy and Jinbe, they meet some Udon prisoners who show them a safe way up via a ladder.

The Gifters angrily wait for Luffy when the perspective shifts to the rooftop.

Here, Kaido is seen standing over the Akazaya Nine, who have been all but killed in their battle against him. A mysterious purple smoke begins swirling around him, before disappearing as the stirring Kin’emon rises. He prepares to rush Kaido, who blows him away with the wind from a swing of his kanabo.

One Piece Episode 1011 then plays its eyecatchers, and focuses on the Live Floor when coming back. As previously seen, Chopper explains how to use fire to stop the virus, before exclaiming he’ll make enough antibodies for friends and enemies alike.

He tells everyone not to let “that nefarious man kill” them, referencing Queen.

Queen then begins ranting about Apoo, while preparing to fire more plague rounds. As he readies his weapon, Zoro’s eye is quickly seen, before showing the plague round weapon sliced in two.

The Straw Hat swordsman is seen pointing his sword at Queen, saying he came here to “chop up Kaido,” not play some stupid game.

Suddenly, Onigashima begins shaking, prompting a Beast Pirate fodder soldier to ask if it's Zoro’s Conqueror’s Haki. Fans have long theorized him as potentially having the skill, so this could be author Eiichiro Oda foreshadowing a later development, or having fun with fans.

Nevertheless, the island continues to shake, and from an outside perspective, whitecap waves can be seen.

Whitecaps are usually indicative of three-foot waves or higher and wind speeds of 25 miles per hour (40km/hr) or more, emphasizing how rough the weather around Onigashima has suddenly become.

Back inside, the rumbling continues, where Brook jokingly asks Zoro what he did, who responds that he did nothing. Perspective then jumps to Nami, Usopp, and Otama all questioning the shaking, before returning to Luffy and Jinbe.

Perspective then returns outside, where the waves have seemingly tripled in height, at least.

Under Onigashima, the Heart Pirates submarine is seen dodging rocks and lamenting their inability to make landfall. They begin moving away from the island as the perspective shifts back inside the Skull Dome to Sanji and Black Maria.

She then says “how impatient…” to herself before trailing off, likely indicating that someone's actions are causing the rumbling.

Back in the ocean, giant boulders are seen falling off Onigashima and into the water. The Heart Pirates break the surface of the water, staring in awe at the island and audibly wondering what’s happening, as well as if Law is ok.

The New Onigashima initiative

Back on the island, Yamato, Momonosuke, and Shinobu are approaching the harbor, so Momonosuke can escape Onigashima safely. As they approach the harbor, Yamato says she has a bad feeling, when the rumbling suddenly stops.

On the Live Floor, Robin and Brook approach Zoro after the rumbling stops. The two say they both saw exactly what he did, which fans are reminded is Kikunojo’s severed arm.

As Zoro says he wishes he could fly, the ice oni begin attacking them. However, Marco the Phoenix appears and drives them back.

After driving the ice oni back, he asks the group what he can do to help out, prompting Zoro’s eyes to narrow. Back outside, Yamato’s group have finally reached the harbor, where the ocean is nowhere to be found.

Yamato reveals Kaido’s purple flame clouds, which he uses to move in dragon form, have lifted Onigashima out of the water. She continues, saying her father plans to drop Onigashima on top of the Flower Capital, as the new capital city of Wano.

Back on the rooftop, Kaido stands while plumes of purple smoke (now known to be his flame clouds) ripple out around him. Shots of the defeated Scabbards are seen, followed by more flame clouds lifting up Onigashima.

He then begins talking, before long revealing his plan to rename Wano as New Onigashima. In the final moments of One Piece episode 1011, Kaido proclaims his intent to “usher in a world of violence.”

One Piece 1011: In summation

While pacing is still a problem, One Piece Episode 1011 fantastically sets up the ascent to the Onigashima Raid’s climax. Luffy and all other combatants will soon reach the rooftop, as seen established in One Piece Episode 1011.

Furthermore, Kaido’s new powers and the new stakes of the raid make the events which will follow even more stressful and important. Since the flame clouds are implied to be a result of his Devil Fruit in One Piece Episode 1011, Kaido being knocked out will make his flame clouds disappear, exacerbating the situation.

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