One Piece Chapter 1040: Big Mom defeated, a huge Zunesha reveal, and more

Kid and Law seen fighting Big Mom during One Piece Chapter 1040 (Image via
Kid and Law seen fighting Big Mom during One Piece Chapter 1040 (Image via

One Piece Chapter 1040 scanlations have been released today, and with them come exciting revelations about both the Void Century and the state of Wano. One Piece Chapter 1040 is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting and promising chapters in recent history.

The main highlight of the chapter is the continuation and quick end of Law and Kid versus Big Mom, which has reached feverish heights in recent issues. Finally, the fight is resolved here in a grand, explosive fashion.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down One Piece Chapter 1040.

One Piece Chapter 1040 shows Yamato, Kid, Law, all accomplishing their missions

One Piece Chapter 1040: Law and Kid vs. Big Mom finale

One Piece Chapter 1040 begins with a continuation of the Germa 66 sidestory. This issue features a captured Yonji and Niji remembering their defeat at Big Mom’s hands. The two are still captured in Mont-d’Or’s picture book.

Beginning its story content, One Piece Chapter 1040 brings fans right back into where the previous issue ended. Kid launches his Damned Punk attack at Big Mom, which is shown going through the hole Law previously made into the ground of mainland Wano. Big Mom begins smirking as she takes the attack, before calling out to Kid and Law as damned brats.

The Damned Punk ends, and the Heart and Kid Pirates both watch in shocked horror as Big Mom stands up from Kid’s attack. In an effort to heal herself, Big Mom tries to use Life or Slave on the two crews. Both crews and some nearby Beast Pirates fodder begin having their lifespans taken away.

A Heart Pirates crew member tells Law that they should escape, to which Law tells his crew to get away. Big Mom glares down at her opponents, as Law and Kid defiantly profess their lack of fear at their last gasps of life and offense. Law launches a RRoom here, likely another facet of his Awakening as the KRoom is.

The two captains’ bravado is confirmed by onlookers, who point out that their souls aren’t leaving their bodies, proving their fearlessness towards Big Mom. As Misery rushes Law, he launches the RRoom towards Big Mom, saying he’ll handle this like “the man who saved his life,” meaning Corazon.

Kid tells Big Mom he’ll send her right to hell, when Law uses his Silence technique in combination with the aforementioned RRoom. The technique makes everything inside the RRoom completely silent, paralleling Corazon’s Calm-Calm Fruit powers. As a result, Big Mom can no longer steal life since she can’t be heard.

Suddenly, Law is rushed by Misery as Kid is preparing to fire his attack. In a beautiful full-page panel, Law bisects Misery vertically while Kid launches another Damned Punk at Big Mom. The Damned Punk then sends Big Mom through the floor of Onigashima to the armory, where Yamato notices Big Mom didn’t make any noise when crashing through.

While realizing that anything she touches makes no sound, Big Mom prepares to set off one of the giant bombs Yamato had previously frozen. She successfully does so, which subsequently destroys Kazenbo, who groans Orochi-sama’s name as he seemingly dies.

One Piece Chapter 1040: Answering old questions and introducing new ones

Cutting to the skies outside Onigashima, the explosion creates a giant hole in the bottom of the island before Big Mom falls out. As Big Mom crashes out of Onigashima and into the hole in Wano, she calls out to Roger and says it’s his fault.

She continues criticizing Roger for announcing the One Piece’s existence to the world instead of keeping quiet about it. While lamenting the Great Pirate Era’s existence and how it forces Big Mom and the other Yonko to eternally fight rookies, shots of Onigashima are shown.

Two shots in particular are of great importance to One Piece Chapter 1040’s setup, as well as answering questions from previous chapters. The first shot shows Brook still with Robin as her protector, confirming that Brook was not the skeleton who visited Zoro.

The second shot shows Zoro still on Onigashima, but without his skeleton visitor nearby. Zoro is also very obviously unconscious and in a different position then he was last seen with the skeleton, which he was (seemingly) conscious for. A third shot of relative importance shows Raizo’s victory over Fukurokuju, who is begging for water.

Going back to Big Mom, she tells Roger that the least he could’ve done was tell the Yonko about the One Piece before his death. In a desperate plea for confirmation of her life’s goal, she tries to ask the deadman if the One Piece is truly real.

Big Mom continues, wondering where and what the One Piece is and whether or not Wano holds some of the answers. Her mind then returns to Kid and Law, who she internally tells to think that this won't be enough to kill her.

As Big Mom approaches the bottom of the hole, an explosion occurs, evidently signifying her taking at least some of the other bombs out of the armory with her. As a giant but soundless explosion is seen happening just outside of the Flower Capital, the narrator proclaims Kid and Law as the victors.

The two victors are seen apparently passed out, while their two crews celebrate and spread the news of Big Mom’s defeat. Perspective shifts back to Yamato and the armory, who is catching Momonosuke up and reveals Big Mom didn’t take all the bombs with her. Yamato was able to refreeze the others before they exploded.

Momonosuke then asks Yamato to listen, before saying that Yamato Zunesha is getting close. Apparently, Yamato has read about Zunesha in Oden’s journal, knowing it’s a giant elephant.

In One Piece Chapter 1040’s final panel, Momonosuke reveals that Zunesha used to be a companion of Joy Boy’s, and he committed his crime while holding such a title.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait two weeks for more information on this big reveal, as it’s said the series will go on break at the chapter’s end.

One Piece Chapter 1040: In summation

Despite being shorter than other recent issues, One Piece Chapter 1040 is an incredibly engaging, exciting, and promising chapter. The finale of Big Mom versus Law and Kid is extremely well done, portraying the Yonko as a total tank while presenting Law and Kid as having endless determination.

While Momonosuke’s big reveal is undoubtedly the highlight of One Piece Chapter 1040, the implicit answering of other questions throughout the chapter is also appreciated. Seeing Brook with Robin, for example, greatly narrows down the possibilities for who Zoro’s visitor was.

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