One Piece Chapter 1039 Spoilers (Full-length): Law's incredible attack, Big Mom potentially defeated, and more

Law and Kid seem to have finally taken down Big Mom in One Piece Chapter 1039 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Law and Kid seem to have finally taken down Big Mom in One Piece Chapter 1039 (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Full-length text spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1039 have finally been released by reputable leaker and Twitter user @Orojapan1. With their release, fans finally have Law’s attack on Big Mom fully explained in both process and scale.

Big Mom displays the new power of her Soul-Soul Fruit in One Piece Chapter 1039. The power apparently heals her injuries when needed. Implicitly, Big Mom’s need to heal indicates that Law and Kid’s attacks have been effective up to this point.

Follow along as this article fully explores the One Piece Chapter 1039 full-length text spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1039 full-length text spoilers show Big Mom weakened, Momonosuke's mysterious caller

One Piece Chapter 1039: Momo’s caller and fallout from chapter 1038

As previously reported, One Piece Chapter 1039 begins with a colored two-page spread. The spread features the Straw Hat pirates traversing a densely wooded forest, looking for adventures.

Complete text spoilers of chapter 1,039.#ONEPIECE1039 #ONEPIECEspoilers 1/2

One Piece Chapter 1039’s story content begins with Kozuki Momonosuke, who’s still using Flame Clouds to move Onigashima away from the Flower Capital on Wano’s mainland. He reaffirms both his progress and devotion to his task upon realizing his success so far.

Suddenly, Momonosuke hears something and asks who has called for him. Considering Momo exclaims this, it’s likely that readers won’t get to see what it is that called out to him. The prevailing theories right now peg this mysterious caller as Zunesha, but this is still speculative and yet to be confirmed.

Perspective then shifts to Big Mom vs. Law and Kid, where fans will be for the rest of One Piece Chapter 1039. This stretch of the fight begins with the fallout from Law and Kid’s attacks, as seen towards the end of chapter 1038.

Kaido’s subordinates appear to be shocked that Law and Kid could hurt Big Mom. Meanwhile, the two Supernovas crews are euphoric at their captains' successful offensives.

Immediately after, Big Mom wakes up in pain and groans as she rises. As Kid rubs it in her face that their attacks worked on her, Law teleports over to Kid. Some insignificant, albeit comedic and characterizing, dialogue follows between the two as they argue over who’s supporting whom in the fight.

While the two argue, Big Mom rises to her feet, and as she does so, it becomes evident that something is wrong with her right arm. Based on Beast Pirate fodder, who exclaimed that she should look at her bones, it seems Big Mom has suffered at least one compound fracture in her arm.

The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1039 claim that Big Mom has broken her radius and her ulna. Consequently, she is unable to move her right hand. While this medical description of the break could be accurate, it could also be the leaker inferring based on their own knowledge.

#ONEPIECE1039 Spoilers -----Now people who had first commanders above Law and Kid in their lists..

Nevertheless, Big Mom’s right arm is clearly broken, and she is unable to move her right hand.

Big Mom realizes that Law’s attacks are shockwaves from the inside. She emphasizes the danger they pose while saying that her ribs are also “wrecked.”

Big Mom then creates a sphere with her Soul-Soul Fruit powers, bringing it close to her arm and telling her bones to heal. After successfully healing her own arm, her body overflows with energy while “black lightning comes out,” likely indicative of Conqueror’s Haki.

Kid and Law’s somewhat pointless (even comedic) banter continues during all of this, with the duo seemingly not noticing what just happened.

One Piece Chapter 1039: Big Mom’s offensive begins


Big Mom then calls on her homies Zeus, Napoleon, and Hera, combining them into the “Maser Sword” that was previously used against Ulti. With one swipe, she cuts Kid’s metal bull from chapter 1038 (presumably) in half.

Big Mom proceeds to tell Kid and Law that their dream is coming to an end, reminding them of the Yonko’s historical control of the New World.

While saying this, Kid jumps off of his bull and lunges at Big Mom, who tries to attack him but misses. Kid uses his Awakening here to assign a Southern magnetic pole to Big Mom’s forehead and a Northern to a nearby half-destroyed tower. The two stick together like an attached magnet, prompting Kid to reconstruct his bull and charge the Yonko again.

However, Big Mom is able to flip her body and the tower over just in time. This results in Kid hitting the tower instead of the Yonko.

As Kid is in awe of Big Mom’s strength, she launches a new attack called the “Bahouhou: Misery,” translated in the spoilers as Visiting Mother Cannon: 3000 Leagues. Apparently, this attack on Kid is a reference to another anime called 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother.

In what’s cited as an “amazing double-page” spread, Big Mom uses her fused saber (the “Maser Sword”) to create a giant woman made of fire and lightning.

Big Mom laughs and wonders if Kid will survive the attack when a tower suddenly appears over her head. As she notices the tower, Law uses his Takt to make it crash down upon her.

The tower crushes Big Mom as some Beast Pirate fodder runs away from the rubble. Kid is seen still standing after Big Mom’s attack, but with multiple injuries.

Law proceeds to jump towards Big Mom, with his sword already coated in a Kroom (which is one of his Awakened powers). As Big Mom begins getting up, Law plunges his sword through her chest.

One Piece Chapter 1039: Kid and Law’s final attacks?


As Big Mom curses Law out for his attack, perspective shifts to the Onigashima basement armory, where Yamato is present. Law’s sword is seen passing through this floor of the castle, as Yamato wonders what it could possibly be. The sword is also seen going through the ground on the Wano mainland.

Meanwhile, Big Mom begs Law to release her from his attack. As his crew shouts his name in support and worry, Law declares that he must go deeper.

Big Mom incredulously exclaims that Law should be out of strength, while the Heart Pirates warn their captain that she could still kill him.

Law completes his attack as Big Mom asks him to stop one final time. He then launches his “Puncture Ville” (translated as puncture shockwave), causing shockwaves throughout Onigashima and an explosion on the Wano mainland. A massive hole is seen in the mainland where Law’s sword was.

Big Mom screams out in pain as blood spills from her mouth. Momonosuke (from outside) and Yamato (from the armory) stare in awe at the holes from Law’s attack.

Despite the attack, Big Mom still stands and commands the woman of fire and lightning (apparently named Misery) to attack Law. While panting, Law tells Kid to do “it” now.

As Big Mom is seen questioning what “it” is, Kid reminds Law that he can’t give out orders here. In what is said to be another “fantastic double-page” spread, Kid’s trump card is revealed to be an electromagnetic cannon. Law laughs confidently as Kid aims it at Big Mom and prepares to fire.


Big Mom defiantly turns toward Kid, putting on a brave face and asking him if he really thinks they can beat her. Kid declares his intent to finish her off and launches his cannon, which is apparently called “Damned Punk” (translated, per the spoilers, as Magnetic Cannon).

In yet another “epic final double-page” spread, Kid’s cannon launches a powerful beam that successfully hits Big Mom. She falls to the ground, blood spilling from her mouth, as Law tells her that her era ends here in One Piece Chapter 1039’s final panel.

One Piece Chapter 1039: In summation

One Piece Chapter 1039 seemingly gives fans an action-packed, exciting segment to break up the recent string of set-up chapters. While somewhat sudden, Big Mom’s apparent defeat is undoubtedly a welcome development for the fanbase as the Wano arc approaches its end.

The additional clarification, provided by full-length spoilers regarding Law’s attack, also paints the picture of a much more interesting and engaging chapter. While both Kid and Law have shone during this fight, it’s undoubtedly the latter and his flashy techniques that have stolen the show.

Be sure to keep up with One Piece Chapter 1039 news as the chapter’s official release date of Sunday, February 5, approaches. Additionally, be sure to look out for all One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as the year of the series’ 25th anniversary progresses.

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