One Piece Chapter 1037: 7 Devil Fruits the Gorosei could've been referencing

Fanart of various Devil Fruits as seen in One Piece (Image via Substance Designer)
Fanart of various Devil Fruits as seen in One Piece (Image via Substance Designer)

Although Chapter 1038 is on the horizon, the One Piece fan base still seems to be reeling from Chapter 1037’s final panels. They saw the Gorosei discussing a Devil Fruit, which had its name changed and presumably serves an integral purpose.

While fans have no idea yet what this fruit is, the community at large has scrambled for any relative information they can. How One Piece Chapter 1037 ended would seem to imply the fruit is Zunesha’s yet unnamed Devil Fruit, although there are certainly other possibilities.

Here are seven Devil Fruits the Gorosei could’ve been referencing at the end of One Piece Chapter 1037.

One Piece Chapter 1037 reveals big secret about unknown Devil Fruit, and the community is theorizing with as much information as they have

1) Zunesha’s Fruit

Beyond Zunesha’s appearance in the middle of the Gorosei’s conversation, there are other reasons to believe Zunesha’s Fruit is referenced. Awakened Zoans allow their users new forms and the ability to stay in these forms longer and an overall stat boost.

Furthermore, Zunesha is nearly a thousand years old, which would explain the discussed fruit’s apparent long absence. Zunesha also has unaddressed lore, which could tie into One Piece world history in addition to revealing a Mythical Zoan elephant Fruit.

2) Gum-Gum Fruit

The Wano arc recently disclosed that the Gum-Gum Fruit was guarded by CP9 when Who’s Who served in the organization. Who’s Who was also imprisoned for losing the Gum-Gum Fruit, further implying an unknown importance to Luffy’s abilities.

Luffy has also yet to awaken while his friends and enemies have displayed theirs already in and up to the Wano arc. This would relate to the Gorosei’s discussions about how the Fruit hasn’t Awakened in centuries.

3) Millet-Millet Fruit

Otama’s Millet-Millet Fruit is another candidate for the unknown, name-changed Devil Fruit mentioned in One Piece Chapter 1037. It has the power to control animals and Gifters, so it could work on Zunesha as well. It’s entirely possible the Millet-Millet Fruit was used to give Zunesha its orders a thousand years ago.

Tama has also displayed the Millet-Millet Fruits powers fully during the raid, with CP0 particularly taking notice. If CP0 were communicating with the Gorosei, it’s entirely possible the Millet-Millet Fruit is what’s being discussed. The name “Millet-Millet Fruit” is also general and unsuspecting enough to turn out to be a falsified name.

4) Flower-Flower Fruit

While it may seem unbelievable, the Gorosei could be discussing Nico Robin’s Flower-Flower Fruit. Immediately before discussing the Fruit in One Piece Chapter 1037, they were shown talking about Nico Robin and how her capture is vital.

Robin’s powers have also never been clearly defined and could have a deeper meaning, especially with a significant Awakening. The name of the fruit itself is also somewhat poetic and symbolic when considering the fruit’s known powers, so it could easily be a fake name.

5) Time-Time Fruit

Kozuki Toki’s Devil Fruit, the Time-Time Fruit, is an incredibly likely candidate. For starters, Toki met Kozuki Oden by jumping forward in time several hundred years from the Void Century. This immediately explains why the Time-Time Fruit had been lost for centuries as far as the Gorosei knew and discussed in One Piece Chapter 1037.

The fruit also seems to be tied to the World’s History, considering the powers it bestows and the potential Awakening it could have of traveling back in time. Since the fruit existed during the Void Century, it could also be tied into Zunesha’s existence in some way, shape, or form.

Finally, the Fruit’s Japanese name is the same as Toki’s name, lending evidence for the name of the fruit having been changed at some point.

6) Op-Op Fruit

The Op-Op Fruit may be an unlikely candidate, but nevertheless, it is still one. Having already been slated for one bigger purpose by Doflamingo, it’s not entirely unbelievable for the fruit to have a second.

The relation to Zunesha could be that Zunesha received the Immortality Surgery long ago, which then led to the fruit’s true name being lost or changed. While the fruit’s name and abilities are indeed related, it is somewhat of a tangential and fringey relation.

Finally, the Op-Op Fruit’s Awakening has been shown and used in Wano in recent chapters. This could certainly be why the Gorosei are discussing the unknown Fruit’s Awakening in One Piece Chapter 1037.

7) Fish-Fish Fruit, Model Azure Dragon

Finally, Kaido’s Mythical Zoan Fruit is a solid candidate for the fruit the Gorosei were seen discussing in One Piece Chapter 1037. Firstly, fans should be reminded that Momonosuke’s SMILE Fruit has the same lineage factors as Kaido’s Devil Fruit, making their powers one and the same.

That being said, it’s possible the World Government ships could’ve seen Momonosuke’s shadow as he flew around Onigashima, with Zunesha being a red herring. Neither Kaido nor Momonosuke have explicitly shown their Awakenings yet, which accounts for it not having Awakened in so long.

Furthermore, the Government has already shown interest in the fruit via attempts to recreate it, which Momonosuke eventually ate. Finally, the fruit’s name is somewhat misleading (though not terribly so), which could explain the name change aspect of the Gorosei’s discussion.

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