One Piece Chapter 1038: Release schedule, where to read, spoilers, and more

Fans can expect Yamato to return in One Piece Chapter 1038 (Image via Toei Animation)
Fans can expect Yamato to return in One Piece Chapter 1038 (Image via Toei Animation)

With the scanlated release of One Piece Chapter 1037 today, fans are curious about One Piece Chapter 1038's release information. Chapter 1037 was a fantastic read, ending with some key lore information that fans hope to see expanded upon in Chapter 1038.

Chapter 1037 also, unfortunately, announced a one-week break for the series, meaning fans won’t see One Piece Chapter 1038 until late January. Nevertheless, fans expect January to be a turbulent month regarding One Piece release schedule.

One Piece Chapter 1038 release schedule and where to read

The anime is on a break, so fans won’t see the new chapter officially released until Sunday, January 30. Chapter 1037 announced a week-long break for the series, pushing back 1038’s expected release date by a week.

Chapter 1038 should be available at 11:00 am EST on various Shonen Jump platforms. Although the date has changed, nothing else should change in release methods and usual timing.


As of this writing, no official spoilers have been released for Chapter 1038. Due to One Piece taking a series break and not a publisher break, spoilers for 1038 will also be pushed back by a week.

This means fans can expect the initial spoilers to be released around Tuesday, January 25. Scanlations would then be slated for a Friday, January 28. As a result, any spoiler information released outside of these timeframes is likely falsified information. Fans should always critically analyze the purported spoilers before accepting them as fact.

Expected plot details

Considering Chapter 1037 was focused primarily on Luffy vs. Kaido and the Gorosei, these two plotlines will likely be on the backburner for Chapter 1038. While Gorosei’s discussion of a certain Devil Fruit may continue, this isn’t certain.

Author Eiichiro Oda’s traditional writing style also lends further credence to the idea that Gorosei will not be seen in 1038. Some likely plot points that fans can expect to be expanded upon are Yamato’s mission and Orochi and Komurasaki.

These two plot lines are the last major details from Onigashima which need to be wrapped up, so these will likely be addressed before the Luffy vs. Kaido finale.

In summation

While no official One Piece Chapter 1038 spoilers or story information have been released yet, fans can still expect a few characters to appear. Yamato and Orochi, in particular, are involved in two of the most important remaining Onigashima plotlines.

Furthermore, fans can expect the Gorosei’s discussion of a particular Devil Fruit to be shelved for Chapter 1038. Oda’s writing style dictates that this plot point will be addressed later, likely once the Wano arc is wrapped up.

Catch One Piece Chapter 1038’s official release on Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 11:00 am EST on various Shonen Jump platforms.

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