One Piece: Luffy meets Iñaki Godoy in the ultimate 'anime-live-action' crossover

Iñaki Godoy plays Monkey D. Luffy in the One Piece live-action series (Image via Shueisha)
Iñaki Godoy plays Monkey D. Luffy in the One Piece live-action series (Image via Shueisha)

The official trailer for Netflix's One Piece live-action series was recently released, much to the hype and excitement of fans worldwide. The series is set to premiere on August 31, 2023, and will see the Straw Hats take to the seas, embarking on an epic journey to find the legendary treasure, One Piece.

To celebrate the occasion, Luffy and Iñaki Godoy, the actor playing him in the live-action adaptation, have found themselves on this week's cover of Weekly Shōnen Jump. The two Luffys appear on the cover with a big smile, ready to take over the anime world.

One Piece's Luffy and his live-action actor, Iñaki Godoy, featured on the cover of Weekly Shōnen Jump

Weekly Shonen Jump No. 34 (Image via Twitter/@jump_henshubu)
Weekly Shonen Jump No. 34 (Image via Twitter/@jump_henshubu)

Weekly Shōnen Jump is a weekly shōnen manga series published by Shueisha in Japan. It is considered the holy grail of shōnen with blockbuster manga titles such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, and My Hero Academia under their weekly serialization.

The cover for the recent Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 34 features two Luffys, much to the amusement of fans. The cover features Luffy from the manga and Iñaki Godoy, the actor playing Luffy in the upcoming Netflix live-action adaptation of One Piece. The two Luffys are jointly gracing the cover for the first time.

The two captains appear together on the cover, with big smiles plastered on their faces, wearing the signature red sleeveless shirt with their patent straw hats on their heads. The Luffy from the manga appears to have one of his arms around the live-action actor, Godoy, who is seen clutching his straw hat.

Godoy met with Mayumi Tanaka, the voice actor of Luffy, at the Los Angeles Anime Expo 2023. So, technically, Godoy's appearance on WSJ issue 34 is the second instance of two Luffys from different mediums meeting.

Overall, big things are coming for both Luffys, as August will be a crucial month for the series. On August 6, Gear 5 Awakening will finally be revealed in the anime. On the other hand, there's a lot of excitement among fans about the One Piece live-action series, which will premiere on August 31.

The iconic cover for Weekly Shonen Jump issue 34 celebrates the fact that both Luffys are ready to conquer the anime world in their own respective mediums. Iñaki Godoy is a great casting choice for Luffy and has impressed fans with his acting in the One Piece live-action trailers.

Besides Godoy, the remaining casting choices for the live-action adaptation include Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro, Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp, Taz Skylar as Sanji, and Emily Rudd as Nami. The core casting has been approved by fans, with many hoping that the perfect casting will translate into a better series.