Oshi no Ko anime's opening theme song reigns supreme on YouTube's 'Top 100 Global'

All the major achievements of Oshi no Ko
All the major achievements of Oshi no Ko's opening, 'Idol' by YOASOBI. (Image via Doga Kobo)

Oshi no Ko's opening theme song, Idol by YOASOBI, has achieved the top spot on YouTube's 'Top 100 Global' song chart. It's more like another day, another achievement for the series, as it continues to break records in various aspects since its first season premiered in April 2023.

Between June 30 and July 6, the song witnessed a significant rise of 22.3%, with an increase of 41.9 million views. Idol has been performing exceptionally well, just like the anime's first season did. It is now fair to say that it has become one of the greatest openings among new-generation anime.

Oshi no Ko's opening theme, Idol by YOASOBI, has become one of the best openings in new-generation anime by breaking numerous records

Since its debut, Oshi no Ko's opening theme, Idol by YOASOBI, has garnered significant attention, gaining overnight fame due to its masterful portrayal of the essence of the "idol industry." The song and the series have achieved unprecedented success, breaking numerous records within the anime community.

Apart from securing the first position on YouTube's Top 100 Global by the increase of 41.9 million views, it has many other major achievements that make the song by YOASOBI one of the best openings of the new generation anime.

According to Oricon, Japan's prominent information and data-generating organization, the music video for Idol has garnered an astounding 300 million streams in just 13 weeks, setting a new record as the fastest Japanese song to attain this milestone.

Furthermore, the song holds the record in Japan for being the fastest to reach 100 million streams, which it accomplished in just five weeks. It also established the fastest record to surpass 200 million streams in Japan, achieving it in just nine weeks, declaring its dominance in the anime community.

As of June 21, Idol had risen to the top of Apple's Music Top 100: Global chart. The song debuted at #1 on Billboard Japan's streaming song list in its first week after its digital release on April 12 and CD release on June 14.

Additionally, on June 10, it became the first originally Japanese song to reach the top of the Billboard Global Excl. US list. The English version of the song was released on May 26 and reached #6 on the charts. Furthermore, as of July 1, Idol was at #7 on the US Billboard's Global 200 chart, the best number ever reached by a Japanese artist in the chart's history.

As the development of the second season of Oshi no Ko is underway, the evergrowing fanbase is anticipating the series to continue dominating the anime industry. Fans can stay tuned for more Oshi no Ko manga and anime news as 2023 progresses.