Oshi no Ko announces three additional characters and their voice cast

Oshi no Ko (Image via Doga Kobo)
Oshi no Ko (Image via Doga Kobo)

The TV series Oshi no Ko has finally arrived on screen after its announcement in June 2022. Following the release of three episodes, the anime came out with an update on new members in its voice cast. Oshi no Ko is a manga series written by Aka Akasaka, who is best known for his previous work Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari.

It is an ongoing series that currently has a total of 11 volumes, the latest of which came out on March 17, 2023. The anime adaptation, which was later revealed to be a television series, made its screen debut on April 12, 2023.

Oshi no Ko introduces additional cast members

A Twitter account @SugoiLITE reported that Oshi no Ko announced new characters and their voice cast who will be introduced in the upcoming series. The new cast members include Asami Seto as Frill Shiranui, Hina Yomiya as Minami Kotobuki, and Shizuka Ito as Yoriko Kichijouji

The series is directed by Daisuke Hiramaki and is produced by Studio Doga Kobo. Jin Tanaka is overseeing the screenplay with Takurō Iga composing the music. Yoasobi’s Idol serves as the opening theme song, while Mephisto performed by Queen Bee plays behind the ending credits of the anime.

Some of the main characters and their respective voice casts include:

  • Aquamarine Hoshino: Takeo Ōtsuka
  • Ruby Hoshino: Tomoyo Takayanagi
  • Ai Hoshino: Rie Takahashi
  • Kana Arima: Megumi Han
  • Akane Kurokawa: Manaka Iwami
  • MEM-cho: Rumi Okubo
  • Ichigo Saitō: Hisao Egawa
  • Miyako Saitō: Lynn
  • Taishi Gotanda: Yasuyuki Kase

The anime has already begun attracting attention and is on its way to becoming one of the most successful series of the year. HIDIVE has reported the premiere of Oshi no Ko to have the highest viewership in the platform’s history.

Three episodes of the series have been released so far, and episode 4 is set to be released on May 3, 2023. The series is available for streaming on various platforms like HIDIVE, Netflix, Bilibili, iQIYI, and the YouTube channel of Ani-One Asia.

Yen Press has acquired a license for the publication of the manga in North America. The website summarizes the series as follows:

"Gorou is an ob-gyn with a life far removed from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry—the world of his favorite idol, rising star Ai Hoshino. But when the two are unexpectedly brought together, their fates become intertwined in ways that defy all reason. For the good doctor, it’s time to stan(d) and deliver!"

Stay tuned for more updates on Oshi no Ko, and other manga and anime shows like Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more.