Presidential candidate for Argentina proves his allegiance to Chainsaw Man in the best possible way

Presidential candidate for Argentina proves his allegiance to Chainsaw Man in the best possible way
Pochita and Javier Milei (Image via MAPPA, AP Photo/Tomas F. Cuesta)

With the general elections to elect the President of Argentina scheduled for October 22, 2023, one Presidential candidate Javier Milei pledged his allegiance to Chainsaw Man's Chainsaw Devil Pochita during a campaign event. The campaign event took place on October 15, as the Libertarian Party member held Pochita's plushie.

Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man follows the story of Denji, a poor boy who kills devils to pay off his dead father's debts. However, after getting betrayed and killed by the Yakuza, Denji fuses his body with the Chainsaw Devil Pochita to become Chainsaw Man.

Presidential candidate for Argentina holds Chainsaw Man plushie during campaign event

During a campaign event on October 15, 2023, Argentina's Presidential candidate Javier Milei was thrown a Pochita plushie. Immediately upon catching it, the Presidential candidate showed it to the public, pledging his allegiance to the Chainsaw Devil.

Javier Milei has been described as far-right, ultraconservative, and right-wing libertarian. Apparently, he wants to destroy the Central Bank of Argentina and has sometimes brandished a chainsaw during his campaigns.

Upon witnessing this, the mainstream media wanted to induce people to fear him. Thus, Argentina's largest news channel - Canal 5 Notícias (C5N) aired a political analysis where they compared Javier Milei with Pochita from Chainsaw Man. They claimed that the Presidential candidate was very similar to the Chainsaw Devil, who was even feared by demons in Hell.

However, the media's attempts failed and backfired as everybody loved Pochita. Hence, during one of his campaigns, a supporter threw him a Pochita plushie. He held the plushie high, seemingly looking proud of being compared to the Chainsaw Devil.

How Chainsaw Man fans reacted to Javier Milei's campaign incident

Fans were shocked to learn about the whole incident and how Javier Milei was compared to Pochita. They never thought that the Chainsaw Devil would one day be used as a political symbol in Argentina. Thus, they were left speechless.

As for other fans, they were convinced that Javier Milei also watches anime. This is because he brought a chainsaw during his campaigns, which already was very odd unless the candidate watched the anime.

Meanwhile, others were certain that the mainstream media had messed up. While they were trying to induce fear amongst the public, the comparison only made Javier Milei popular. Therefore, fans feared that the public would vote for the Presidential candidate solely for that reason. With only about a week left for the general elections to begin, fans were hoping to see what else the Presidential candidate would do.