Psycho-Pass Providence stage at Anime Japan 2023 gives sneak peek at scenes from film and more

Psycho-Pass Providence
Psycho-Pass Providence's Anime Japan 2023 stage rewarded eager fans with an inside look at select scenes from the film (Image via Production I.G.)

The Psycho-Pass Providence stage at Anime Japan 2023 was an incredibly informative one for fans, discussing everything - from the movie to a special fan club promotion and more. The cast members present had plenty of news to discuss, thus fanning the flames of excitement for the film’s imminent release.

Anime Japan 2023’s Psycho-Pass Providence Stage was run by cast and staff Kana Hanazawa, Nojima Kenji, Tomokazu Seki, and Naoyoshi Shiotani, with Hanazawa expertly emceeing. Without a doubt, it was a promising and exciting way to kick off the Red Stage’s events for this year’s convention.

Follow along as this article fully recaps the announcements, inside looks, and more which were discussed and seen at Anime Japan 2023’s Psycho-Pass Providence stage.

Anime Japan 2023’s Psycho-Pass Providence stage gives fans inside look at scenes, official fan club info, and more

As mentioned above, Anime Japan 2023’s Psycho-Pass Providence stage was run by various staff from the upcoming film and overall franchise, with Hanazawa emceeing.

Hanazawa plays central protagonist Akane Tsunemori, Seki plays deuteragonist Shinya Kogami, Nojima plays supporting character Nobuchika Ginoza, and Shiotani is the director of the film and all franchise projects.

The three actors came out to start the panel, which then saw four bulletins appear on the screen with general information on the film. One bulletin seemed to discuss the film’s soundtrack, given the appearance of “Spotify.” These were most likely general information regarding the film and soundtrack’s overall release.

The trio continued talking, seemingly discussing the franchise’s 10th anniversary celebration. Some keywords able to be picked out of the conversation with the unfortunate lack of subtitles were references to the series’ “Sibyl System” and “Dominators.” It seemed as though they were mentioned in the context of some sort of promotional program for the film.

Anime Japan 2023’s Psycho-Pass Providence stage then began playing a scene from the film, featuring Tsunemori reading a letter from her partner, Kogami. The latter was also present in the scene, with shots of the two interspersing as Tsunemori read the letter. The scene ended once Tsunemori finished reading, with the cast giving commentary throughout the scene and discussing it afterwards as well.

This was followed by the appearance of a “case file” for Shinya Kogami, introduced by Seki himself. Yet another scene from the film featuring Ginoza played out shortly thereafter. Here, Ginoza was seen comforting and speaking with Tomomi Masaoka in a mournful tone as the latter passed away, visibly injured to a great extent.

Nojima and the cast then discussed the scene after, with Nojima himself using the word “senpai” when seemingly giving context to the scene, suggesting that Masaoka is Ginoza’s mentor. Anime Japan 2023’s Psycho-Pass Providence stage then played yet another scene from the film, this one focused on Tsunemori, who is seen in a hostage situation.

Especially surprising was the presence of what appeared to be first-season antagonist Shogo Makishima, played by Takahiro Sakurai. The character’s voice actor even sounded like Sakurai, possibly suggesting that his performance was kept for the final cut of the film despite his extramarital affairs first revealed in late 2022.

Anime Japan 2023’s Psycho-Pass Providence stage then showed a case file for Tsunemori. This was followed by a key visual featuring Tsunemori and Kogami, which prompted Naoyoshi Shiotani to come out on stage. After Shiotani said some words, the trailer, which was released earlier this week, played out with no additional scenes.

This was then followed by the mention of a “keyword,” which was seemingly related to the case files. The foursome then seemingly began discussing their characters and roles in producing the film, with Hanazawa mentioning Akane at one point. This was followed by a discussion of the “Psycho-Pass 10th memorial note,” which parlayed into discussion of an in-person event in June.

The Anime Japan 2023 Psycho-Pass Providence stage then seemed to discuss a 10th anniversary event on June 17, which four well-known anime artists will be attending. Three of these were “Cö shu Nie,” “Egoist,” and “Who-ya Extended.” Unfortunately, the last artist's name was written in Japanese rather than English.

A seemingly official Psycho-Pass fan club entitled “Psycho-Box” was then discussed next, with a March 25 date somehow relevant. TV airings of what are likely previous installments in the franchise were then announced for April 2 at 2:05 am JST and May 13 at 2:45 am JST. This was then followed by a discussion of what appeared to be a promotional account for the film on TikTok.

The film poster and release date for the film were then shown, with Shiotani mentioning a “television series,” most likely in the context of future franchise projects.

Each of the four on stage then gave their own message to close out Anime Japan 2023’s Psycho-Pass Providence stage. Unfortunately, with no subtitles, it’s unclear exactly what they said.

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