Spy x Family Episode 16 sends fans into laughing fit following Yor's culinary misadventures

Yor is thrust into the spotlight for Spy x Family Episode 16 (Image via Wit Studios, CloverWorks)
Yor is thrust into the spotlight for Spy x Family Episode 16 (Image via Wit Studios, CloverWorks)

Spy x Family Episode 16 was released early Saturday morning, October 22, to a roaring response from fans. Being the first episode following the conclusion of the Doggy Crisis arc, viewers were unsure of what to expect. While some had theorized a new major arc would begin, others posited that some time would be taken to focus on the Forgers as a family unit.

Nevertheless, fans were pleased with the episode regardless, with no one seeming particularly upset at the episode’s focus on the Forger family unit. This is likely also due to Spy x Family Episode 16 thrusting Yor into the spotlight, which is a seemingly invulnerable recipe for success for the series.

Follow along as this article briefly discusses the episode’s events, as well as focuses on predominant fan reactions to Spy x Family Episode 16.

Spy x Family Episode 16: A visual delight for fans as Yor tries her hand at cooking for Forgers

Fan reaction

Anya sees a future image of Yor crying; we see her hands and fingers covered in cuts and bandages, and she's so downtrodden about something. #SPYxFAMILY

Spy x Family Episode 16 sees Loid and Yor Forger each undergo their own personal crusades as the smash-hit anime series finds itself between story arcs. While Yor enlists co-worker Camilla to help her learn how to cook, Loid finds himself coaching Franky on how to date a woman, with the Ostanian informant having his eyes set on a particular fancy.

Although fans found both storylines engaging and appealing, Yor’s culinary misadventures seem to have particularly enchanted them. This is somewhat unsurprising, with the character herself being a seemingly unstoppable force in terms of fans’ reception of an episode.

The deep love she expresses for her family by undertaking cooking lessons also helps to endear viewers to both her as a character and her portion of the episode. Without a doubt, Yor was the talk of the town following its release.

The reality is, she's just trying to learn how to cook. #SPYxFAMILY
Eventually, she gets better at it. Even cooks a family dish. #SPYxFAMILY
Sometimes, I have to remember that these two have no idea what the other really does for a living. #SPYxFAMILY

Fans also appreciated the cameo from Yuri in this episode, who attends Yor’s cooking lessons as someone who is actually capable of handling her poorly-cooked dishes. Hilariously, Loid’s absence didn’t stop the Secret State Security officer from being as jagged as ever, internally pondering if he should have Camilla executed for “being rude to [Yuri’s] sister.”

One moment in the episode that fans especially seemed to appreciate and value is Yor’s successfully cooking a meal for her family after her lessons. Bond, Anya, and Loid all express joy at the meal she made for them, with the latter two each saying the meal is absolutely delicious upon trying it.

I just love how Yuri casually tosses that line out there like it's nothing. #SPYxFAMILY
Which explains Anya's vision. Yor is now 8% a better wife. #SPYxFAMILY
🍁Spy x Family pt 2 4🍁....HOW YURI MANAGED TO LIVE SO LONG IS BEYOND MEYor is so damn precious tho, truly getting attached to the Forger family and trying her damn best for them :<here's to Yor learning to be a better cook 🍷#animeclair

This is in hilarious contrast to their reactions prior to eating the meal, which seems to have resonated with a wide portion of the series’ fanbase. Loid commented on how the food smelled safe, while Anya hilariously called it the Last Supper, implying that Yor’s cooking might actually kill her for good

The little faith they have for Yor's food.....(Although they have big reason for have that low faith)#SPYxFamily #SPY_FAMLY #SPYxFAMILY

In any scenario, Spy x Family Episode 16 seems to have been one of the most well-received episodes of the series thus far. This certainly says a lot about the episode’s quality and engagement, with nearly every release in the series having been a huge hit. With the second part approaching its midway point, it remains to be seen if the series can keep this momentum going.

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