'Spy x Family' releases new Christmas special visual

Spy x Family Christmas special (Image Via Toho Animation)
Spy x Family Christmas special (Image Via Toho Animation)

Toho Animation has recently released a Christmas special visual for Spy x Family anime, and it has caused some excitement amongst fans. Spy x Family anime has released two trailers so far, but quite a few visual keys have also been released.

With most of Weekly Shonen Jump on break this week, fans are eager for any sort of news about their favorite series, and this new poster does placate them a little.

Anya Forger is featured prominently on 'Spy x Family' Christmas special


The Spy x Family Christmas special features Anya Forger in full winter gear, playing in the snow alongside two snowmen who are representations of her foster parents, Loid and Yor.

The snowman on her left is dressed in a hat and tie, complete with Loid’s signature frown. In comparison, the Yor snowman is smiling but also holding a bottle of Wine. This is clearly a call back to the running gag in the manga that both the Briar siblings, Yor and Yuri, are terrible with alcohol.

Spy x Family follows Twilight, a spy from Westalis who has to infiltrate the neighboring Ostania to make contact with Donovan Desmond in a project called Mission Strix. To this end, Twilight creates the Identity of Psychiatrist Loid Forger, adopts an orphan called Anya as his daughter, and later convinces a government employee named Yor Briar to enter a fake marriage with him. Unbeknownst to Twilight, both Anya and Yor have their own secrets.

Since the announcement of the anime, Anya has become the favorite of the makers, and she has been portrayed on all posters and official merch. This Christmas special also majorly features Anya.

Anya is the primary point of view in the manga, and she is the glue that holds the Forger family together. Not only is she the key to the success of Mission Strix, but she is also how the reader gets to know what a person is thinking. It makes sense that Toho Animation, the distributor of Spy x Family, would choose her to promote the anime.

In conclusion


Spy x Family announced during the Jump Super Stage that the anime will start airing in April 2022. However, no specific dates have been announced. Anya will be voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki, Yor by Saori Hayami, and Loid by Takuya Eguchi. A second trailer was also released where we could hear all three voice actors mastering their craft. Hopefully, Toho will announce the release date soon.