NieR:Automata anime divides the video game's fanbase

The logo for the Automata video game (Image via Square Enix)
The logo for the Automata video game (Image via Square Enix)

The NieR:Automata video game was announced to be receiving an anime adaptation. Current reports indicate Aniplex will be producing the NieR:Automata anime, though the animation studio details are uncertain at the time of writing.

While the general anime community seems at least interested in the anime, the same can’t be said for the majority of the video game’s fanbase. Community reaction on Twitter so far has indicated generally negative sentiments towards the adaptation’s announcement.

This article covers the divisiveness amongst the NieR:Automata fanbase regarding the anime, as well as an overall synopsis of the franchise.

NieR:Automata anime announcement has anime fans intrigued, franchise fans upset

Franchise synopsis

The Nier franchise acts as a sequel to the Drakengard series, canonically occurring after the fifth ending of the first Drakengard game. The original Nier game takes place over a thousand years after this, on a decaying Earth. NieR:Automata takes place thousands of years after the fourth ending of Nier.

Automata follows characters 2B, 9S, and A2 as they fight through a robotic war, with them being made by humans and their enemies by aliens. The Nier games are known for requiring multiple playthroughs, and Automata is no exception. In this way, each character serves as the central protagonist for some stage of story and playthrough.

Anime announcement reaction

Fans of the video game have reacted generally negatively to the news regarding the anime’s announcement. Many fans are primarily concerned with the reduction of characters to their sex appeal or other minor facets of their being.

Another main concern of fans seems to be the reduction of the story and the experience playing the game multiple times provides. Fans are right to be concerned with this translating into an anime adaptation, since the anime will be unable to provide different endings like the game will.

Interestingly, anime fans in general seem at least somewhat interested in the anime announcement. Amidst the video game community’s strife, anime fans who’ve never played the game are expressing their intent to watch the series.

Some video game fans also seem to look forward to the anime adaptation's release. Many of these fans have instead taken to celebrating the world’s aesthetic, questioning who can adapt it well and hoping they do a good job.

Unfortunately, the initial response from video game fans seems to be overwhelmingly negative. While this sentiment could change as trailers and other production information get released, the reception seems generally negative as of this writing.

In summation

The NieR:Automata anime announcement has left the video game’s fanbase divided, and the general anime fanbase intrigued. The former fanbase is expressing fair concern over the reduction of characters' personalities, and the experience of the game in general.

As for release and production information, all that is known for certain as of this writing is that Aniplex is the production company. No verified word on animation studio for the project has been released.

Readers should make sure to keep up with all the NieR:Automata anime news as 2022 progresses.