One Piece: 10 strongest weapons in the series

These are the swords that Oden used to cut through Kaido (Image via Toei Animation)
These are the swords that Oden used to cut through Kaido (Image via Toei Animation)

With a few exceptions like Luffy, the strongest One Piece characters prefer to use weapons.

While battles are the bread and butter of the series, regular weapons aren't going to cut it. Most fighters have superhuman feats and ridiculous powers.

The best weapons in One Piece are forged with a combination of durable materials and invisible spiritual energy. The series has a remarkable selection of such weapons, ranging from swords to oni clubs.

Note: This article only includes base weapons that can be wielded. There won't be any mention of battleships or Ancient Weapons.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

The most powerful weapons in One Piece, based on what we know so far

10) Shusui (formerly Roronoa Zoro)


The word "Meito" in One Piece refers to a distinct class of exceptional blades. These blades are divided into multiple categories, but all of them are highly sought after.

Shusui is considered a Great Grade sword. There are only 21 of these swords in the world.

This weapon belonged to the late Ryuma, a legendary samurai from Wano Country. Several years after Gecko Moria stole these national treasures, Zoro reclaimed the blade in Thriller Bark. However, he returned it to Wano Country in exchange for Enma, a far superior blade in general.

Shusui definitely stands out for its rare quality. It's classified as a Black Blade, which is a true mark of a great swordsman.

9) Wado Ichimonji (Roronoa Zoro)

Zoro definitely likes to collect Great Grade swords in the One Piece series.

Wado Ichimonji is a Meito that belonged to his childhood friend Kuina. After her unexpected passing, Zoro was gifted the sword by her father. When he received it, he made a promise to become the world's greatest swordsman.

Wado Ichimonji has been with Zoro ever since the beginning of his journey. It was the only sword that wasn't broken during his duel with Dracule Mihawk.

Zoro won several major fights with this weapon, such as those against Mr. 1 in Alabasta and Kaku in Enies Lobby.

8) Ame no Habakiri (Kozuki Oden)


Kaido may be the world's strongest creature, but he considers Kozuki Oden to be the greatest samurai in Wano Country. Oden wielded two of the 21 Great Grade swords and gave Kaido a permanent scar 20 years ago.

Ame no Habakiri can be translated into "Feathery Cutter of Heaven." According to Japanese mythology, the Shinto god Susanoo used it to slay Yamato no Orochi. Eiichiro Oda likes to incorporate legends into the One Piece series.

This weapon belongs to Momonosuke, although he believes he isn't worthy of it yet.

7) Enma (Roronoa Zoro, formerly Kozuki Oden)

Oden also yielded the sword Enma, which is a direct counterpart to Ame no Habakiri. The former can easily cut through the underworld, while the latter slices through the heavens.

Oden's daughter Hiyori would end up giving this blade to Zoro after he proved his worthiness to Wano Country.

Enma is a very strange blade that extracts Busoshoku Haki from the wielder. Oden and Zoro are the only swordsmen to fully master this weapon. It's an extremely sharp sword that can even damage Kaido's dragon form.

Tenguyama Hitetsu believes that Zoro can upgrade this Great Grade sword into a Supreme Grade.

6) Gryphon (Shanks)

Right before the Paramount War, Shanks and Whitebeard evenly clashed with each other.

Gryphon is an extremely resilient saber by One Piece standards. It can survive a direct hit from Murakumogiri. Whitebeard's signature weapon is classified as a Supreme Grade sword, making this an exceptional feat.

Gryphon can also survive a magma attack from Akainu, as seen in the Marineford arc. Most weapons would melt right away from the Magu Magu no Mi.

5) Napoleon (Charlotte Linlin)

Unlike most weapons in One Piece, Napoleon is very much alive. Big Mom used her Soru Soru no Mi to create a Special Homie for her sword. She can evenly duel Kaido without much issue, despite his monstrous strength.

Napoleon has a unique skillset in the One Piece series. It can transform into multiple forms, such as a cutlass or longsword. Big Mom can cut through just about anything with this weapon.

4) Hassaikai (Kaido)


Hassaikai appears to be a simple club, but its appearance can be deceiving. It is undoubtedly the strongest blunt force weapon in the One Piece series.

Kaido is the world's strongest creature, so his signature club is obviously well suited for his needs.

Hassaikai is strong enough to knock out enemies with a single blow. This kanabo is definitely made of very durable material. It has been around since the God Valley incident 40 years ago.

Kaido easily defeated Luffy in their first encounter at Wano Country via his special technique Raimei Hakke.

3) Yoru (Dracule Mihawk)


The world's best swordsman requires a weapon befitting his status. Yoru is a Supreme Grade sword, of which there are only 12 in the world. These weapons are classified as the best of the best.

This unique weapon has the ability to cut through very strong defenses. So far, he's been able to slash through entire fleets, giant mountains of ice, and even a meteor.

Yoru is a ridiculously sharp blade with very few equals. Mihawk completely redefines what it means to be a swordsman in One Piece.

2) Murakumogiri (Whitebeard)

Whitebeard used to be the world's strongest man in the One Piece series. He used a very powerful naginata known as Murakumogiri. It's classified as a very rare Supreme Grade Sword.

For over several decades, Whitebeard would lay waste to his opponents with his naginata. Its long range and sharp blade are perfect for striking down enemies, such as Akainu in the Marineford arc. Not even magma burns it down, given its status as a Meito blade.

When he was still alive, Whitebeard often used his weapon in conjunction with his Devil Fruit, which caused massive quakes.

Murakumogiri can now be found at Whitebeard's resting place, located somewhere in the New World.

1) Ace (Gold D. Roger)

The Pirate King reshaped One Piece history back in his glory days. It's no surprise that he wields a Supreme Grade weapon. Interestingly, the powerful cutlass shares the same name as his son Portgas D. Ace.

Roger used the weapon during a duel with Whitebeard. He often combines his sword attacks with strong Haki. For example, he can knock back Kozuki Oden just by using his Kamusari technique.

After his death, it's unknown what happened to Roger's sword.

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