One Piece anime: Egghead arc opening foreshadows the next user of Kuma's Devil fruit

One Piece anime: Next wielder of the Paw Paw fruit (Image via Toei Animation)
One Piece anime: Next wielder of the Paw Paw fruit (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece anime episode 1089 was released on January 7, 2024, and mainly adapted chapter 1060 of the manga. The episode mainly focused on the Straw Hats coming across Jewellery Bonney while heading towards the Egghead Islands.

Episode 1089 also depicted the much-awaited adaptation of Mother Flame which destroyed the entirety of the Lulusia Kingdom overnight. A new anime opening was also revealed along with the episode which has given rise to many theories centered around Nerfertari Vivi and her possibly acquiring Kuma's devil fruit.

Disclaimer- This article contains spoilers for the One Piece anime.

One Piece anime: Nerfertari Vivi might be the next crewmate to join the Straw Hats

The Egghead Island arc in the One Piece anime has generated significant buzz, particularly with the unveiling of its new opening sequence. Despite the previous Wano arc's ending, which left fans enamored, the Egghead Islands arc's opening has quickly become a fan favorite.

Loaded with Easter eggs commemorating the preceding arc and showcasing various Vegapunks, the opening also provides glimpses of major upcoming battles. Nefertari D. Vivi, a pivotal character from the Arabasta arc, briefly appears in the closing moments of the new opening.

Vivi is depicted heading towards a distinctive cave entrance that seamlessly transitions into the iconic paw-paw fruit bubble created by Bartholomew Kuma. Interestingly, the transition continues as Vivi transforms into Jewelry Bonney.

While it may be purely visual symbolism, fans have eagerly crafted theories speculating on Vivi potentially becoming the next user of Kuma's Paw-Paw Fruit. This speculation gains traction due to Vivi being anticipated as the final Straw Hat crew member to join at the arc's conclusion.

Vivi initially joined the Straw Hat crew during the Arabasta arc to free her kingdom. Following Arabasta's liberation, she chose to stay behind and lead her people, marking one of the series' most iconic moments.

Contrary to the notion that Jewelry Bonney might be the ideal candidate for Kuma's devil fruit, Vivi emerges as a compelling option. Bonney already possesses a devil fruit ability, making Vivi's return to the crew plausible, especially given recent events portraying her as crucial to Imu.

Fleeing the World Government, Vivi could rejoin the Straw Hats, aligning with her fugitive status.

The recent chapters have delved into Kuma's backstory, setting the stage for a significant confrontation between Kuma and Saturn.

If Kuma's story concludes with a dramatic showdown, there's speculation that Vivi could inherit his Paw-Paw Fruit after his potential demise.

While these theories are captivating, it's essential to consider that visuals from openings may not always translate to concrete plot developments.

Nevertheless, the excitement surrounding the potential connection between Vivi and Kuma's Devil Fruit adds an extra layer of anticipation to the unfolding narrative.

Final thoughts

One Piece anime episode 1089 officially marked the beginning of the Egghead Island arc while also uniting Bonney with the Straw Hat crew. Episode 1089 also adapted the destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom orchestrated by the world government.

Although Dr. Vegapunk didn't make an appearance in this episode, he will be revealed in the next episode along with all his other counterparts.

The Straw Hats will also be making their Landfall on the Egghead Islands in One Piece anime episode 1090 which will be released on January 14, 2024.

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