One Piece: Why did Imu destroy Lulusia Kingdom in the Egghead arc? Explored

One Piece: Destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom (Image via Toei Animation)
One Piece: Destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece episode 1089, which aired on January 7, 2024, not only inaugurated the Egghead Island arc, uniting Bonney and the Straw Hat crew, but also vividly adapted chapter 1060 of the manga. This episode delved into the ruthless destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom orchestrated by Imu.

While the manga leaves the exact reasons shrouded in mystery, the implication suggests a blend of motives: silencing Sabo, the formidable revolutionary, and a depraved curiosity to test an unprecedentedly destructive weapon. The enigmatic events surrounding Lulusia's obliteration unfold, revealing the insidious nature of the World Government and leaving fans eager for further revelations.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the One Piece series.

One Piece: The reason behind Lulucia's destruction is much shallower than expected

In the world of One Piece, the destruction of Lulusia Kingdom in the Egghead Island arc remains a pivotal and haunting event, leaving fans to unravel the true motives behind Imu's ruthless act.

While the exact canonical reason for annihilating Lulusia remains shrouded in mystery, suggestions emerge that it was a desperate measure to conceal Imu's existence, inadvertently exposed to Sabo during the turbulent Reverie.

Sabo's presence in Lulusia adds a layer of complexity to Imu's sinister plan. The destruction wasn't merely a means to eradicate a rebellious kingdom but also aimed at eliminating the formidable revolutionary and his associates.

Imu sought to silence both the rebellious cries of Lulusia and the potential threats posed by Sabo in a single, devastating attack. Later revelations about the destruction unveiled a chilling truth – Lulusia was obliterated by an unknown weapon fueled by the Mother Flame.

This potent force, harnessed by Vegapunk, demonstrated unparalleled destructive capabilities. The Mother Flame, weaponized to unleash a rain of lasers upon its target, left no trace behind. The aftermath manifested as a colossal hole in the sea, triggering global earthquakes, and causing a one-meter rise in sea levels, submerging islands and altering landscapes.

Imu's dialogue with the Five Elders hinted at a broader agenda behind Lulusia's destruction. The act served as a cruel test for Vegapunk's new creation, the Mother Flame. It became apparent that the World Government intended to showcase its devastating power to suppress rebellions and reaffirm its dominance.

Imu's curiosity about the destructive force of the Mother Flame suggested that the obliteration of Lulusia was, in essence, a demonstration of the World Government's malevolent prowess.

This seemingly shallow explanation, driven by the desire to showcase the depravity of the World Government's highest echelons, resonates with the overarching theme of power, control, and the lengths to which those in authority will go to maintain their dominance.

The destruction of Lulusia stands as a testament to the insidious nature of the world's highest authorities, leaving readers to grapple with the unsettling truth behind the motives of Imu and the World Government.

Final thoughts

In the aftermath of Lulusia's obliteration, the World Government wielded its formidable power to erase every trace of the kingdom's existence. Records were silenced, evidence suppressed or disposed of, exemplifying the government's ability to erase entire kingdoms from history in the world of One Piece.

The gaping sinkhole left in Lulusia's stead, reminiscent of Enies Lobby's mysterious void, fuels speculative theories about the interconnected secrets and ancient powers that linger beneath the surface of the world in One Piece.

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