One Piece chapter 1086: Reverie flashback concludes with major Gorosei and Holy Knights reveals

Sabo's recount of the Reverie ends with some major answers and exciting new questions in One Piece Chapter 1086 (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Piece chapter 1086’s unofficial scanlations were released on Thursday, June 8, 2023, bringing with them an exhilarating installment for the series. While not quite as transcendently revelatory as the previous issue, the Reverie flashback arc ends and returns the series to its contemporary setting with some exciting new information.

Likewise, One Piece chapter 1086 excels at answering some key questions while bringing up several new ones in their place. The reveal of the Gorosei’s names, a key introduction for the Holy Knights, and more events in this issue all serve as perfectly emblematic of this excellent talent author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda has.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the One Piece manga.

One Piece chapter 1086 highlights Oda’s exceptional means of simultaneously answering old and introducing new questions

One Piece chapter 1086: Reverie wrap-up

One Piece chapter 1086 begins with the continuation of the Reverie flashback, this time diving into the events that occurred immediately after the Reverie’s conclusion. Igaram, Chaka, and Pell are all seen looking for Vivi and Cobra Nefertari, as the narrator explains that the event ended before Cobra’s death came to light.

Meanwhile, several stowaways attempted to escape on royal vessels, including Wapol and Vivi on the Aegis Kingdom’s ship. Wapol communicates this to Big News Morgans, who says he’ll fly his headquarters close by the ship, telling them to use that chance to get on board and not to get caught before then.

One Piece chapter 1086 sees Morgans say he can’t wait to hear how a King such as Wapol became the subject of a World Government manhunt. Vivi then asks Wapol what he saw in the Empty Throne room, but he refuses to tell her, fretting over the fact that CP0 is no joke and that they’re now after him.

Vivi then asks to borrow his Transponder Snail so she can talk to her father, but Wapol turns her down nervously, likely because he knows that Cobra is dead. Shots of CP0 and World Government agents looking for Sabo and Vivi are then shown, while Jewelry Bonney and Sabo are shown to be in the Tajine and Lulusia Kingdoms’ ships, respectively.

One Piece chapter 1086 sees the bloodied and injured Sabo remember Cobra’s words to him with a pained expression on his face. The narrator then explains that before long, Cobra’s murder and Vivi’s disappearance spread all over the world. Back in Mariejois, the Gorosei comment that Sabo has a checkered fate due to constantly being surrounded by members of the D. clan.

They discuss how they wanted to address the Egghead Issue, but the events of the Reverie must take precedence. A Transponder Snail then rings, which they answer and reveal that Imu is reaching out to them from the Room of Flowers. Imu tells them that now is the time to put Vegapunk’s invention, which he calls the “Mother Flame,” to the test.

One Piece chapter 1086 sees the Gorosei comment on how it’s never been used before and that they have no idea how effective it is. Likewise, depending on its performance, Egghead Island may reconsider their response to the World Government’s inquisition into their activities. One of the Gorosei suggests a forest as a testing ground rather than a sea-based one, but Imu interrupts them and suggests the Lulusia Kingdom.

One of the Gorosei comments on how populous the Kingdom is, which Imu says is of no consequence. Another Gorosei agrees, saying that the world moves at the will of the creator. A third Gorosei asks why Lulusia is being selected, to which Imu says it is due to its proximity, prompting the Gorosei to say they’ll do as he asks.

One Piece chapter 1086 then fully introduces the Gorosei, translated as the Five Elder Planets here, including their names and titles. The previously introduced Saint Jaygarcia Saturn is introduced as the Defense Science Warrior God. The tall Gorosei with the long white hair and mustache is introduced as the Environmental Warrior God, Saint Markus Mars.

The Gorbachev-esque Gorosei is introduced as the Justice Warrior God, Saint Topman Valcurie. The bald, sword-wielding Gorosei is called the Finance Warrior God, Saint Ethan Baron V. Nusjuro. Finally, the tall blonde Gorosei with short hair and a beard is called the Agriculture Warrior God, Saint Shepard Ju Peter.

As One Piece chapter 1086 introduces them, they each comment on Imu’s latest orders. Saturn asks for patience as he makes the necessary preparations for the attack, while Mars comments on Lulusia’s recent rebellions. Valcurie says they can make an example out of them, while Nusjuro ponders the possibilities of one day using such power freely. Ju Peter finishes his thought, adding that they could instantly snuff out any conflict or rebellion.

Imu then adds one more request to his orders, telling the Gorosei to retrieve Vivi. The issue then shifts to Marine Headquarters, where Fleet Admiral Sakazuki discusses how the Tajine and Aegis Kingdoms are rebelling. Sakazuki then deploys the final 3 Seraphim models, based on ex-Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo, Gecko Moria, and Crocodile.

One Piece chapter 1086: Present-day problems

As this scene plays out, One Piece chapter 1086’s narrator comments on how the Marines have their hands full between recent rebellions and the disbanding of the Shichibukai. Likewise, the Military power and approach has already gone in a new direction. Hence, the Marines have control of 3 Seraphim and are able to deploy them at will.

With this, the Reverie flashback finally ends, bringing readers back to the contemporary series where Sabo is speaking to Monkey D. Dragon and Emporio Ivankov. He explains that as soon as he arrived at Lulusia, its people arrested King Seki and Princess Komane. However, Sabo was welcomed with open arms since he was a stowaway.

One Piece chapter 1086 sees Sabo elaborate that he only then saw the newspapers and realized that Cobra’s death was pinned on him. Likewise, the Lulusians considered him a hero, and while he wanted to tell them the truth, he says he couldn’t once he realized how much the lie inspired them to rebel.

Likewise, Belo Betty and the other Revolutionary Army Commanders had already inspired a lot of them, prompting Sabo to bring back hopeful recruits with him. Sabo then explains that since he couldn’t make direct contact without an encryption Transponder Snail, he rerouted his call through the Lulusian Kingdom mainland while they set sail.

One Piece chapter 1086 then sees Sabo explain that this would fool the World Government, who he knew would intercept the signal, into thinking he was still on Lulusia. In reality, he was already at sea with the new enlistees to the Revolutionary Army. Ivankov then realizes that Lulusia’s annihilation did happen during Sabo’s call, which the latter confirms, adding that people were hysterical over the deaths of family and friends on the island.

Dragon questions how the World Government was able to do such a thing, prompting Sabo to explain how an enormous shadow engulfed the skies above before obliterating the island. Sabo adds that a living thing or natural disaster couldn’t have caused it, as something pitch black was certainly flying above the island’s clouds.

One Piece chapter 1086 then sees Sabo confirm that he used the name Imu earlier, adding that one of the founding 20 kings of the World Government was Saint Imu of House Nerona. Ivankov then pulls out a book, which apparently has information on the Op-Op Fruit’s Perpetual Youth Surgery.

Ivankov asserts that since the Surgery is known to exist, someone must have used it before. In other words, there exists someone in the world for whom death is no concern. Sabo questions if Ivankov is truly saying that the Imu Sabo saw is such a person, to which Ivankov responds that it could just be a coincidence.

However, One Piece chapter 1086 then sees Ivankov assert that no one but a founder could command the Gorosei, who are the highest of the world nobles. Likewise, the Celestial Dragons call themselves the “descendants of the Gods,” with Saint Imu of House Nerona considered one of these so-called Gods.

Ivankov then says that if what Sabo saw in the skies above Lulusia was a weapon made by the World Government, Vegapunk is the only one who could’ve made it. Dragon asserts that Vegapunk would never intentionally design a machine dedicated specifically to murder, to which Ivankov agrees.

One Piece chapter 1086 sees Ivankov assert that it may have been an Ancient Weapon instead. Once again referencing the idea that Imu is immortal, Ivankov asserts that there is a connection between the two. Dragon then questions why they would wait until now to use it, as the issue returns to contemporary Mariejois.

Here, it’s revealed that a Celestial Dragon has just been executed, but this information will never be reported to the outside world. The executioner is revealed to be Saint Figarland Garling, former King of God Valley and the current Supreme Commander of the Holy Knights.

It’s revealed that Saint Donquixote Mjosgard is the Celestial Dragon who was executed, with Figarland saying anyone who protects scum is lower than the scum they protect.

One Piece chapter 1086: In review

While not quite as exciting as the previous issue, One Piece chapter 1086 is still a high-quality chapter that puts a different aspect of Oda’s writing style in the spotlight. Despite the series being set to head into a previously announced one-month break, Oda still knows how to hook viewers and leave them wanting what they can’t have.

The reveal of the Gorosei’s names is undoubtedly most indicative of this, finally answering one of the oldest questions in the entire series. Likewise, the introduction of their Divine Warrior titles creates more questions in place of those which Oda answers. From a worldbuilding perspective, this is undoubtedly one of Oda’s greatest strengths, as it always gives more opportunities to further develop the setting of his series.

The introduction of Saint Figarland Garling in One Piece chapter 1086’s final panels also takes a Hydra-like approach to the series’ mysteries. Fans are now debating how a Celestial Dragon would have once been a King of God Valley, with the entire raison d’etre for the Celestial Dragons being their forfeiting the lands their ancestors ruled.

Overall, One Piece chapter 1086 puts a unique aspect of Oda’s writing front and center. While previous issues have certainly played into this talent, chapter 1086 is truly emblematic of it, making last week’s Reverie flashback climax feel even more impactful.

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