One Piece chapter 1073: Why Jegarcia Saturn's name could indicate a Gorosei and Ancient Weapon connection

Saint Jegarcia Saturn as seen in the series
Saint Jegarcia Saturn as seen in the series' anime (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece chapter 1073 full summary spoilers were released early on Tuesday morning, January 24, 2023, bringing with them an incredibly exciting batch of spoilers. While the issue at large seems to be an incredibly exciting and informative, there is a specific aspect of the chapter that is particularly exciting and curiosity-piquing.

One Piece chapter 1073 finally reveals the name of one of the Gorosei members to fans, this being Jegarcia Saturn. Saturn is the Gorosei with a scar on the left side of his face and gray hair in a dreadlock style. Even more exciting is that he’s seemingly on the way to Egghead Island now with Admiral Kizaru.

However, it’s what isn’t said in the issue about Saturn that has captured fans’ interest. More specifically, fans are focused on the fact that his name matches yet another naming scheme in the series. Follow along as this article fully breaks down why One Piece chapter 1073’s reveal of Jegarcia Saturn’s name could indicate a Gorosei and Ancient Weapon connection.

One Piece chapter 1073 possibly laying the groundwork for Gorosei being in control of one of the Ancient Weapons

Why Saint Jegarcia Saturn's name is significant

One Piece chapter 1073’s events were varied and exciting considering the issue’s short, 15-page length (according to spoilers). Despite the short length, it’s one of the most exciting and dense issues fans have had in this recent string of chapters. Likewise, it’s also incredibly exciting to finally learn the names of one of the Gorosei in the form of Saint Jegarcia Saturn.

While fans are still hard at work in determining what Jegarcia could mean, many have instantly picked up on the connection of Saturn to the Ancient Weapon naming scheme. Two of the three are called Pluton and Uranus, seemingly named after the planets Pluto and Uranus in our solar system.

Although the third Ancient Weapon is called Poseidon, this is also (presumably) the only one that refers to a living creature rather than a physical weapon or battleship. Thus, with Poseidon being the exception to the rule, author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda seems to be setting up the Gorosei to follow a similar naming scheme.

While One Piece chapter 1073 hardly suggests this, fans are seeing Saint Jegarcia Saturn’s name reveal as a hint that the Gorosei and the Ancient Weapons are linked. Presuming long-standing fan theories regarding the Gorosei having lived since the Ancient Kingdom are true, they could be the ones who physically built the Pluton and Uranus Ancient Weapons.

However, this interpretation relies on the presumption of a fan-theory being proven true, making it less than reliable. An alternative interpretation of the similar naming scheme could be that the Ancient Weapons were made by past Gorosei members, with these Gorosei members of the past naming the weapons after themselves.

Likewise, this could suggest that there are additional weapons on the level of the Ancient Weapons built by Saint Saturn and other Gorosei members. They may even be revealed to be the additional weapons themselves, considering that the seemingly-feeble old man, Saint Jegarcia Saturn, is currently on his way to an active battlefield in the form of Egghead Island.


Similarly, another alternative theory following One Piece chapter 1073 is that the Gorosei’s Devil Fruit powers put them on the level of Ancient Weapons, hence the similar naming scheme. This would explain why Saint Jegarcia Saturn is comfortable with heading to a battlefield, even with Admiral Kizaru and a host of Marines by his side to protect him.

Their having such powerful Devil Fruits would also explain the vast knowledge they have of them, as seen prior to One Piece chapter 1073. Likewise, it would explain why the ages of the group members seem so varied in general, as well as why they specifically were chosen to be the public leaders of the World Government.

In summation

In any case, all of the above is purely speculative, with only the spoilers for One Piece chapter 1073 being released as of writing. Upon the official translation’s release, fans could see Saint Jegarcia Saturn’s name be translated differently, completely upending the aforementioned theories in varying ways.

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