One Piece Chapter 1085: Gorosei and Imu make their move on Cobra and Sabo as Reverie flashback reaches climax

The Reverie flashback reaches its climax in arguably one of the series
The Reverie flashback reaches its climax in arguably one of the series' most exciting chapters ever (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Piece Chapter 1085’s unofficial scanlations were released on Thursday, June 1, 2023, bringing with them an exciting look at the series’ upcoming official release. These scanlations show how brilliantly author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda has crafted the Reverie flashback, culminating in this very exceptional issue.

Chapter 1085 of One Piece answers a few questions while introducing several more, the most pressing of which concern the Gorosei and Imu’s true powers and identities. Without a doubt, Oda has proven to fans that the nearly 5-year wait to discover what happened at the Reverie has been really worth it.

One Piece Chapter 1085 sets up Imu, Gorosei as final bosses they deserve to be

One Piece Chapter 1085: A world crumbles

One Piece Chapter 1085 begins immediately where the last issue ended, with Cobra Nefertari thinking to himself that no one is supposed to sit on the Empty Throne, hence its name. As he says that no individual should have the power to control the world, Imu proceeds to declare that he’ll address two of the points being discussed and that Cobra must respond with a single question.

Interestingly, Imu refers to himself in the third person hereby calling himself “Mu” rather than “Imu.” In any case, Cobra responds by asking Imu who he is, saying he’s heard the name before. He asserts that one of the first 20 rulers who formed the World Government was also called Imu.

One Piece Chapter 1085 sees Imu coldly respond by warning Cobra that his curiosity “teeters on impertinence,” and will not be honored with an answer. He then says he’ll answer Cobra’s initial questions, explaining that “D.” is the moniker of “our ancient enemy.” He adds that while the initial has appeared more frequently in recent times, it’s nothing but a faint echo, with contemporary members not even aware of its true meaning.

He adds that the nuisance that is the Will of D. only endures due to Queen Lily Nefertari’s “grave blunder 800 years ago.” Imu asserts that the same can be said of the irksome scholars investigating the Void Century, adding that without this mistake, there would be no pirates chasing Poneglyphs in pursuit of the titular treasure.

One Piece Chapter 1085 then sees Imu assert that Lily’s “incompetence” is also responsible for the Poneglyphs being scattered all over the world. Likewise, considering that the release of the Poneglyphs was the worst possible outcome for Imu and his enigmatic allies, he questions whether it was truly a mistake or part of a larger plan.

As Imu says this, the Gorosei begin drawing their pistols, seemingly preparing to kill Cobra. Imu then says that the truth of the matter lies in the letter Lily left. Likewise, he questions if Cobra deliberately chose to only refer to her as Queen Lily of house Nefertari. Imu then implores him to read her full name as it’s written in her letter.

One Piece Chapter 1085 then sees Cobra recognize that there’s no chance he’s leaving the room alive, asking if this is the case which the Gorbachev-esque Gorosei confirms. Cobra admits that this isn’t surprising considering that they have to keep the breaking of the world’s greatest taboo a top secret.

Sabo is then revealed to be nearby, listening in and commenting on how sinister the atmosphere is. In the next instance, Cobra reveals that the letter from Lily is signed “Nefertari D. Lily,” to which Imu seems initially surprised before ragefully narrowing his eyes. This prompts a tail-like appendage or weapon with a pointed arrow tip to be sent at Cobra from the side, most likely from Imu.

After witnessing the attack, Sabo springs into action, launching a Fire Fist in the direction of the Gorosei. However, One Piece Chapter 1085 sees Imu use a technique he calls “Smothered Mate,” seemingly transforming and using a new, large mouth with pointed teeth to swallow Sabo’s flames. As this happens, he questions where Sabo came from.

Sabo says that he was hoping to take them all out in one move, adding that there was no way he could’ve known that Hell was located at the top of the world. As he says this, the Gorosei and Imu behind him are all shown to be in new, transformed forms, seemingly preparing to attack and kill both Sabo and Cobra.

Cobra then comments on how Sabo is Luffy’s brother and is also with the Revolutionary Army, questioning why he stepped in to save him. One Piece Chapter 1085 sees Sabo say his group is more concerned with the Celestial Dragons, asking if Cobra somehow knows Luffy. Cobra responds that Luffy once stepped in to save him too, prompting Sabo to laugh and say that sounds like him.

The two then try to escape their pursuers, with Cobra advocating to be left behind since he’s dead weight and Sabo can escape better on his own. Sabo says he won’t do this, as Cobra adds that there’s something he’s come to understand. Likewise, if Sabo dies here, they’re in major trouble since Cobra needs him to deliver a message to both Luffy and Vivi.

One Piece Chapter 1085: ...and a life ends

One Piece Chapter 1085 sees Cobra request that Sabo tell Luffy and Vivi that they also have the name "D.," adding that he finally knows the path Alabasta must follow. This causes Sabo to have a brief flashback to his childhood, which sees him discussing how both Luffy and Ace have “D.” in their name. They then give Sabo a “D.” as well, call him “Sa D. Bo,” much to the younger Sabo’s dismay.

Returning to the Reverie flashback, the same tail-like attack from before rushes at the two, striking them and causing them to fall over. Sabo yells out to Cobra, who begins reciting parts of Lily’s letter. However, the section which discusses what must be done with the Poneglyphs is drowned by Imu’s roar, with the only clear point being Lily’s request to “fly the flag that heralds the world’s eventual dawn.”

Cobra thinks that he’s counting on Sabo and that he must live on, as Sabo yells out to King Cobra while a shot of Pangaea Castle is shown. Returning to the scene inside, Cobra is now dead on the floor, with Imu and the Gorosei realizing someone else is spying on them. One Piece Chapter 1085 reveals this to be Wapol, who realizes the gravity of what he’s seen and that his life is now forfeit.

This issue then cuts to the actual Reverie conference, where it’s announced that neither Cobra nor Wapol will be attending and that they can proceed without them. The kings take various jabs at Cobra before moving on to other matters, with the exception of King Riku Doldo III and King Neptune, who seem suspicious at this latest news.

One Piece Chapter 1085 then sees Shirahoshi being led to the Red Port by her brothers, adding that she was hoping to say goodbye to Vivi and wondering where she went. It’s then revealed that Vivi is in a guest room in Pangaea Castle, demanding to be untied while questioning whose orders CP0 is following.

Jabra and Kalifa are then officially introduced as members of CP0, with Jabra saying she’s being too forward and that she needs to play smarter to have a shot at being free. Kalifa adds that no one will help her, adding that once her disappearance is made known, she’ll live the rest of her life like a pet.

One Piece Chapter 1085 then sees her ask if Shirahoshi is all right, with Kalifa and Jabra confirming this while adding that she shouldn’t be concerned about others right now. As this is said, the other former members of CP9 are also revealed to be present, but not given official reintroductions like Kalifa and Jabra are.

Jabra then explains how Leo and Sai, who assaulted Saint Charlos, boldly proclaimed victory, their names, and their allegiance to the Straw Hat fleet. He adds that Fujitora’s actions helped the Revolutionary Army free the slaves, which greatly upset Ryokugyu. This caused the two of them to begin fighting, prompting Jabra to wonder what’s the deal with this year’s Reverie.

One Piece Chapter 1085, meanwhile, sees Vivi say she’ll have to do something about her current situation. She then notices a commotion coming from a nearby wall, revealed to be Wapol running away from Imu and the Gorosei. Vivi recognizes that this is her chance at escape, which she successfully does to the chagrin of CP0.

The final panels of the issue see Wapol run into his wife, Kinderella, who believes that he’s running away with a mistress. Vivi and Wapol, meanwhile, agree to run to the ends of the world if that’s what it takes to be safe as the issue comes to an end. Fortunately, there is no scheduled break next week for the series.

One Piece Chapter 1085: Final Thoughts

One Piece Chapter 1085, like the other issues of the Reverie flashback, is an extremely informative and fascinating chapter. That being said, this latest issue cranks this exciting lore dump up to 11, revealing some truly revelatory news in what is all but certain to be the flashback’s climax.

This also serves as a testament to Oda’s writing style, with many questioning just how good the Reverie flashback would be once it finally came. After all, Oda asked readers to patiently wait for nearly 5 years before returning to these exciting events. Incredibly, Oda silences these naysayers and questions with this issue alone, offering probably some of the series' biggest reveals so far.

One Piece Chapter 1085 also demonstrates Oda’s skills as a long-term storyteller perfectly. With this single issue, so many developments and reveals that were confusing at the time are now linked together and make perfect sense as an overall story. It’s truly masterful planning, especially when considering the amount of time between each individual plot point’s introduction and their unification.

Without a doubt, the Reverie flashback has put Oda’s skills as a writer and storyteller on full display. Considering it to be the backbone of the series overall, this latest run of issues is a thrilling experience for any superfan of the series. While this incredible sequence seems set to end in the next issue, it’ll nevertheless be remembered as one of the series’ greatest flashback sequences.

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