One Piece: Why Imu and the Gorosei's Devil Fruits are likely Zoan-type, explained

Despite being silhouetted in One Piece Chapter 1085, fans are certain that the Gorosei and Imu are wielding Zoan-type Devil Fruits (Image via Toei Animation)
Despite being silhouetted in One Piece Chapter 1085, fans are certain that the Gorosei and Imu are wielding Zoan-type Devil Fruits (Image via Toei Animation)

Throughout the latest chapters of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga series, fans have seen the Gorosei and their enigmatic leader Imu take center stage. This is due to Sabo’s Reverie flashback, which has been explaining the mysterious events that transpired during the event’s actual time nearly 200 chapters prior.

While the reveal has been coming for a long time, fans are ecstatic about how the events have been shown to have unfolded thus far. The latest leaks and spoilers for the raw scans see the Reverie flashback reach what appears to be its climax, certainly delivering fans an exciting set of reveals to dive into.

Chief among these revelations are what appear to be the transformed versions of the Gorosei and Imu, all of which are suspected to be due to Devil Fruits. Furthermore, while their transformations are silhouetted in the latest raw scans, there are a few key details which have One Piece fans certain on what type of Devil Fruit the Gorosei and Imu possess.

Key characteristics and previous discussions serve as evidence for why One Piece’s latest Devil Fruits are Zoan

As seen in One Piece chapter 1085’s raw scans and unofficial scanlations, the Gorosei and Imu all transform into seemingly animal-like creatures. While each form is fully silhouetted, a few key characteristics can be made out from each throughout the course of the alleged issue. One of Imu’s attacks is very telling about what possible form he could take.

As per the spoilers, the Gorosei’s forms are animal-like. One is said to look like a bird (having wings), another like an elephant/boar (with tusks), and a third looks like a demon/oni (having large horns). The fourth appears to have clouds floating around his neck, similar to Luffy, Kaku, and Lucci’s Awakened designs.

The latest One Piece leaks show that the fifth one is “just a big silhouette,” to use the words of lead series leaker Redon. While this seems an oversimplification, this is all that can be learned from the fifth Gorosei’s silhouette. Imu’s silhouette, meanwhile, seemingly portrays him as a humanoid-like creature that walks on all fours, having front legs/arms, and a large mouth with pointed teeth.

Imu’s form is also shown to have a tail-like appendage with a pointed end, similar to a classical portrayal of a devil’s tail, only with a more pronounced point and seemingly thicker limb. This is highlighted when Imu uses this tail-like appendage to attack and kill Cobra Nefertari, doing so twice during the issue’s alleged raw scans.

With abundance of animal-like features seen in all the transformations combined, it’s almost certain that the Gorosei and Imu have Zoan-type Devil Fruits. What's especially damning is that one silhouette seemingly has a cloud-like scarf along its body. Up to this point in One Piece, this is a trait that has only been seen in Zoan-type Awakenings, such as those of Luffy, Lucci, and Kaku.

However, what seems to be truly damning evidence for this claim is the conversation the Gorosei were having when Luffy’s own Awakening happened. At the time, the group were discussing the nature of none other than Zoan-type Fruits. While this is all still technically speculative, there are many evidences to support the claim that the Gorosei and Imu all have Zoan-type Devil Fruits.

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