One Piece Chapter 1085 raw scans: Gorosei's monstrous forms and Imu's overwhelming offense on full display

One Piece Chapter 1085
One Piece Chapter 1085's raw scans all but officially confirm Imu and the Gorosei as major threats (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Piece Chapter 1085 raw scans were released on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, bringing with them an exciting and engaging issue that is filled with reveals. Especially intriguing is the apparent Devil Fruits of the Gorosei and Imu being revealed in the issue, which are all but officially confirmed to be Zoan-type based.

Although the raw scans are by no means an official release, they frequently turn out to be an accurate representation of the upcoming issue once the chapter is made public. One Piece Chapter 1085's official release of the Reverie flashback appears to be shaping up to be the fan favorite thus far.

One Piece Chapter 1085 raw scans set up Gorosei and Imu’s transformations as the most terrifying in series yet

One Piece Chapter 1085 raw scans begin immediately where the last issue ended with Cobra Nefertari and Imu continuing their conversation. Cobra seems to say something which is gravely serious and also appears to upset Imu. The Gorosei seem to move closer and closer to Cobra as the two continue their conversation.

The issue then sees Imu appear to begin discussing the Poneglyphs, seemingly angrily ranting about them given the outline of his speech bubbles. However, it’s impossible to tell for sure what Imu’s current emotions and expressions are from untranslated raw scans since his appearance is still a silhouette, save for his eyes.

One Piece Chapter 1085’s raw scans see the Gorosei all begin drawing pistols at this point, forcing Cobra to take a pause and think things over internally before asking the Gorosei something. It’s then revealed that Sabo has been eavesdropping from behind a nearby pillar the entire time, as Imu attacks Cobra with what appears to be an arrow-shaped appendage or weapon.

The attack hits Cobra in his stomach, with Sabo springing into action as this happens. He uses his Devil Fruit powers to create a massive explosion of fire, but Imu somehow swallows it all after transforming into something with a large mouth and huge pointed teeth. The Gorosei also transform into various monstrous forms, with three of them looking like a bird, an elephant/boar, and a demon/oni.

The fourth appears to have a necklace of clouds, similar to what Kaku, Luffy, and Lucci all have in their Awakened forms. The fifth appears to be some sort of amorphous blob which resembles a head, featuring a large, open mouth. Imu, meanwhile, appears to take the form of some kind of giant, humanoid monster in One Piece Chapter 1085, as evidenced by his aforementioned mouth and the fact that he climbs down from the empty throne via arms/legs.

After realizing their situation and hearing some words from Cobra, Sabo picks the king up and tries to escape with him. This is when Cobra says something to Sabo which triggers a flashback to a conversation he had with Luffy and Ace when he was younger. When the issue returns to the Reverie flashback itself, Imu is launching the same attack at the two as he did at Cobra before.

The attack initially hits both Sabo and Cobra, sending the two flying away from one another as Imu draws nearer. One Piece Chapter 1085 then sees Cobra stand and shield Sabo, seemingly in an effort to protect him and ensure his survival. After a brief shot of Pangaea Castle from the outside, the issue returns to the room and confirms that Cobra is dead.

Imu and the Gorosei then seemingly notice something in a nearby wall, which is revealed to be a crying Wapol who appears to have seen the entire incident. The raw scans then cut to the Reverie room, where others are talking about something, while King Neptune and King Doldo III appear dubious of what is going on.

Shirahoshi and her brothers can later be seen appearing to leave the Reverie in One Piece Chapter 1085 before the action shifts to Vivi Nefertari's location. It’s revealed here that she has been captured and restrained by CP0, with Kalifa and Jabra watching her and getting their official CP0 introductions here. The other members are also present in the room but don’t get officially introduced.

Jabra seemingly discusses Leo and Sai, as well as Admirals Fujitora and Ryokugyu, as the scene plays out. Vivi then appears to notice something about the wall behind her, from which Wapol emerges after fleeing Imu and the Gorosei. Seeing her chance, Vivi is able to escape her restraints and hitch a ride with Wapol, with the issue ending as the latter's wife watches him escape.

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