One Piece: Why Boa Hancock is the most likely ex-Shichibukai to join the Cross Guild

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One Piece's Boa Hancock may have big things on the horizon (Image via Toei Animation)

One of the most exciting developments in recent One Piece has been the formation of the Cross Guild, founded by three former Shichibukai. While no others have yet been hinted to join their ranks, many fans suspect that one other member of the now-disbanded group will join the Cross Guild’s ranks.

None other than Boa Hancock is slated as the organization’s next recruit, especially given the situation fans saw her in last during the One Piece story. While she, like many other Shichibukai, was ready and willing to fight off the Marines, her long-term situation is a little different than that of her former colleagues.

Follow along as this article entirely breaks down why Boa Hancock is the most likely ex-Shichibukai to join the ranks of One Piece’s newest underworld organization, the Cross Guild.

One Piece’s Snake Princess has more than just herself to worry for, which could push her to join the Cross Guild

Why Hancock will join

With the disbandment of the Shichibukai from the formerly-known-as Three Great Powers of the One Piece world, those employed in such positions lost all the perks that came with the job. This included free reign on piracy and other illegal activities and guaranteed safety from the Marines for themselves, their homes, and their followers, be they crew or otherwise.

The last two points, in particular, are what fans will likely see motivate Boa Hancock to join the Cross Guild, despite being one of the most aloof of the former Shichibukai. One of the few things Hancock has been shown to treasure in the series is the people she leads, the Kuja, which includes her sisters, grandmother, and at least a hundred other women.

While some of the Snake Princess’ subjects are certainly fit for fighting and piracy, this far from applies to all of the citizens of Amazon Lily. Hancock has previously demonstrated that she is extremely selective about who she allows to join her crew, the Kuja Pirates, only accepting the strongest of the strong into their ranks.

Because Hancock's crew is only as strong as the main force, this creates a major problem for the Kuja Pirates and the Kuja people in general. While being located in the Calm Belt gives Amazon Lily, and the Kuja people shelter from other pirates and similar groups, the Marines are able to use paddleboats coated with Sea Prism Stone to traverse the area.

This allows them to keep ships moving in an area without winds while also deterring the interference of Sea Kings via the Sea Prism Stone. Thus, the Marines are able to safely and freely navigate from the Grand Line through the Calm Belt, which is how they were able to corner Hancock and the Kuja in the first place.

With such tools at their disposal, the Kuja’s becoming enemies of the Marines and the World Government means that Amazon Lily is no longer a safe haven for them. Since Hancock also runs her own pirate crew, this would likely make them ineligible for protection from other, larger pirate groups. Even if this weren’t the case, their being in the Calm Belt makes it impossible for pirates to reach the island, let alone protect it.

With all of this in mind, it’s clear that the Cross Guild is the best organization for Hancock to align herself and her people with. Its members are former Shichibukai, all strong pirates in their own right as well as having a Marine bounty system which may potentially result in their obtaining a Sea Prism Stone covered ship.

This would allow the Kuja to return to Amazon Lily with genuine and reliable protection from the Cross Guild. Even if this doesn’t happen, the Kuja can remain on Karai Bari Island with the organization’s main forces. Being headed by a Yonko and other powerful pirates, Hancock can find relative safety and shelter there for her and her people from the Marines and the World Government.

However, this is all assuming that Hancock was able to escape the Marine forces led by One Piece fan-favorite Koby. While many fans suspect this to be the case, some argue that the Marine Captain may be much stronger than others give him credit for. However, the answer to these questions will only be answered as One Piece progresses through its final saga.

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