One Piece Chapter 1058: Post-Wano bounties, Sabo's side of the story, and more

Sabo's side of the story is teased in One Piece Chapter 1058 ahead of a series' break week (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece Chapter 1058 scanlations were released late on Thursday evening, bringing with them one of the most packed information dumps fans have received in quite some time. The main topic addressed within One Piece Chapter 1058’s plethora of info is the Cross Guild, with similar emphasis placed on the new bounties of the Straw Hat’s and the Cross Guild’s key members.

Also present towards the end of One Piece Chapter 1058 is some fairly significant information regarding the Revolutionary Army, as well as a tease for the next issue. Unfortunately, One Piece Chapter 1058 also announced a break week for the series, meaning fans will have to wait quite some time for this tease’s coming to pass.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down One Piece Chapter 1058 in its entirety.

One Piece Chapter 1058 ends by teasing readers with clarity on the Reverie invasion on the other side of a break week

One Piece Chapter 1058: New Straw Hat bounties

One Piece Chapter 1058 begins its story in the seas around Wano, where the Thousand Sunny has seemingly split off from the Polar Tang and the Victoria Punk. Onboard the Sunny, Nami can be seen yelling at Luffy, calling him a sorry excuse for a captain while he’s locked up in a cage, clearly beaten badly by his navigator.

He is introduced as a Yonko here, as one of his own crew berates and beats him for his decision to jump off Wano's waterfall, nearly killing the crew in the process. She says there’s a limit to how much foolishness they can take, as Jinbe interrupts, saying it isn’t a big deal since no one was hurt.

Nami instead retorts that they have to keep a tight leash on him, with effects suggesting Conqueror’s Haki emanating from her at this moment. Jinbe even comments on this, asking if it was indeed Conqueror’s Haki, but this is likely meant more as a joke than a legitimate tease or foreshadow.

Chopper, meanwhile, is heard warning Jinbe not to cross Nami when she’s mad, while Franky celebrates how tough the Sunny is for only breaking a small yard from the drop. A News Coo comes by and delivers a paper to Robin, where she announces that they’ve received new bounties.

This causes Sanji to rush over to her and fall, sending the bounties scattering as the Straw Hats read their bounties and the narrator reads them to the fans. The crew’s new bounties and how high they were increased are as follows:

  • Tony Tony Chopper (1,000 Beri bounty, 900 Beri increase)
  • Nami (366,000,000 Beri bounty, 300 million Beri increase)
  • Brook (383,000,000 Beri bounty, 300 million Beri increase)
  • Franky (394,000,000 Beri bounty, 300 million Beri increase)
  • Usopp (500,000,000 Beri bounty, 300 million Beri increase)
  • Nico Robin (930,000,000 Beri bounty, 800 million Beri increase)
  • Vinsmoke Sanji (1,032,000,000 Beri bounty, 702 million Beri increase)
  • Jinbe (1,100,000,000 Beri bounty, 662 million Beri increase)
  • Roronoa Zoro (1,100,001,100 Beri bounty, 780,001,100 Beri increase)
  • Monkey D. Luffy (3,000,000,000 Beri bounty, 1.5 billion Beri increase)

Reactions to the new bounties are varied. Chopper is upset at his barely going up, while Nami seems simultaneously sad and excited at her massive value. Brook expresses pure joy, while Franky is disgruntled that his wanted picture is now the Sunny’s figurehead. Usopp, meanwhile, is sobbing over his massive bounty, while Robin shows no reaction to her new value.

Sanji, meanwhile, is incredibly angry at being ranked below both Zoro and Jinbe. The lattermost seems concerned with whether or not something is wrong with his cook, while Zoro says to just “leave number four to his sour grapes” with an expression that implies happiness over his new bounty.

Luffy’s bounty has been known to the crew for some time now, so he instead continues apologizing to Nami while asking to be let out since he’s hungry. As he asks this, Zoro and Sanji fight in the background, as One Piece Chapter 1058 shifts perspective away from the Straw Hat crew.

One Piece Chapter 1058: Trouble in Buggy’s paradise

One Piece Chapter 1058 then takes viewers to Emptee Bluffs Island in the New World, where Buggy’s big top can be seen. His subordinates are discussing Mihawk's last-minute appearance as Marines close in, emphasizing how frightening and powerful he was while congratulating Buggy on having a plan.

However, One Piece Chapter 1058 quickly shows readers that things aren’t smooth sailing for the new Yonko, taking them inside the big top where he, Mihawk, and Crocodile are present. Buggy is seen with his head severed and beaten and bruised as he’s introduced as a Yonko, done in a manner very similar to Luffy’s introduction in this issue.

He begs to be allowed to live, saying he’ll do anything, including licking the other two’s boots clean. The three are then shown to be sitting on a couch, as Sir Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk are both introduced as former Shichibukai. The former then says that the Cross Guild was meant to be his and Hawkeye’s organization, asking Buggy why he’s instead considered the boss.

The new Yonko responds that he can’t do anything about it but he does apologize, saying it really isn’t a big deal. Mihawk instead points out that he’s likely the only person in history to become a Yonko after crying for mercy, adding that his death here and now wouldn’t even begin to make up for the confusion.

Crocodile cuts back in to say how the situation is beyond insulting and that he can’t find words for it, while Buggy once more begs for his life. Mihawk coldly responds that he shouldn’t make such unreasonable requests, with clear and visible anger in his eyes.

The three are then interrupted by Galdino, who takes the opportunity to suck up to Crocodile by saying how much of a pleasure it is to work under him once more. Buggy asks him how he could possibly turn on him, to which he responds that he never officially joined the Yonko’s crew.

Alvida, Mohji, Richie, and Cabaji are seen sitting on a nearby couch, questioning what they should do given Buggy’s situation. However, the three conclude that they should follow Crocodile instead now, commenting that it’s a cold, harsh world as Daz Bones stands silently in the opposite corner.

Mihawk begins thinking back to when the Marines were bearing down on Gloom Island, where he received a call from Crocodile while packing. The former admits that their swarming the island is a nuisance, but he supposes he’ll just have to relocate.

Crocodile counters that it shows a team-up would be beneficial, saying that the Marines couldn’t handle an organization led by the two of them lightly. It’s revealed here, by Crocodile, that Mihawk was once referred to with the “Marine Hunter” epithet, emphasizing just how fearsome he must have been to be made a Shichibukai with such a reputation.

The flashback ends with Crocodile saying the two are the same since they don’t trust anyone, as One Piece Chapter 1058 brings readers back under the big top in the present. Mihawk quickly glares at Buggy, before the chapter under discussion starts yet another flashback to when Buggy and his crew were also being swarmed by Marines.

As Buggy tries to escape, some of his subordinates spot him, asking where he’s going while saying that there’s no reason to worry about the Marines. While he laments being unable to escape quietly, one of the subordinates points out that the ships are already under attack. Buggy heads outside to inspect and sees that it is indeed the case, asking what kind of hero is behind this.

It’s then revealed to be Crocodile, with Buggy’s subordinates writing off the arrival as the former’s truly working under the latter. While his subordinates cheer for him and Crocodile, Buggy internally realizes that he’s certainly here because of the money he owes him, saying that he’s broke and would rather have dealt with the Marines.

The next scene shows the two talking inside the big top, where Crocodile says he’s surprised Buggy hasn’t escaped by now. He responds that, while business may look to be booming at Buggy’s Delivery, this isn’t the truth, citing too many mouths to feed and his top earners, the Giants, leaving as major issues.

Crocodile responds that if Buggy can’t pay him now, he can always sell him into slavery to get his money back. Buggy responds that he shouldn’t say things like that since they’re old prison buddies, but Crocodile retorts that he already did his “old buddy” a favor by lending him that money in the first place.

He continues, emphasizing his “old buddy’s” need to take responsibility for his debts, explaining that he’s forming his own company and needs the capital. Buggy suggests that he let him join, saying Crocodile could acquire his company to help start his own, adding on that it might not be much, but he’ll have a former Shichibukai serving him.

Buggy continues, adding that he’ll work twice as hard to pay off his debt while professing the resources he has to help get the word out about Crocodile’s new company. One Piece Chapter 1058 ends this flashback, once more bringing readers back under the big top in the present.

Back in the present, Crocodile holds up the Cross Guild poster which Buggy allegedly had his subordinates send out, commenting on how he stands out. Buggy says he didn’t mean for this to happen, explaining that his employees “just love [him] too damn much” as One Piece Chapter 1058 quickly shows readers what happened.

Apparently, Buggy saw the flyer and asked what happened, with one of his subordinates saying he couldn’t help but give him top-billing. They then reveal it’s already been sent to every corner of the world, as One Piece Chapter 1058’s flashback shifts perspective to Marine Headquarters at the time.

One Piece Chapter 1058: Marines, Revolutionaries, and the truth teased

One Piece Chapter 1058 then sees the Marines discussing Buggy, calling him a mastermind of the Impel Down mass escape while also revealing his former Roger Pirate status. It’s then continued that this is how he formed a close bond with Shanks, a fellow Yonko, with reports also confirming that Crocodile came to his aid at Emptee Bluffs Island.

It’s then revealed that they’ve verified Crocodile and Mihawk's making contact, saying that the two’s new "Marine Hunting" movement has already received underworld financial backing. The Marine leadership present concludes that, when considering other rebellions they’re already dealing with, the Cross Guild is a massive threat.

The three’s bounties are then revealed, with Crocodile receiving a 1,965,000,000 Beri bounty "for his mighty Logia ability and cunning guile." Mihawk is given a 3,590,000,000 Beri bounty for having "even greater sword skills than" Shanks and being "the world’s greatest swordsman."

Buggy, meanwhile, "considering his formidable pedigree" and getting Mihawk and Crocodile to "yield to his authority," is given a 3,189,000,000 Beri bounty. He’s also officially recognized as one of the two new Yonko alongside Luffy, with the emphasis that the World Government considers him an extremely dangerous individual.

One Piece Chapter 1058 then takes readers back to the big top in a contemporary context, where Crocodile mocks Buggy for becoming a Yonko, to which Buggy responds by offering to lick his boots. A clearly still angry Mihawk, meanwhile, suggests that letting him take the heat as the group’s public leader may not be a bad idea.

He elaborates that he has no interest in being a Yonko and only desires to be able to live a peaceful life. Crocodile expresses disbelief, while Mihawk responds by letting Buggy have the target on his back and that they can always dispose of him if they need to.

As Crocodile smiles and agrees that this is true, the three head out to a balcony, where Buggy introduces the other two as the new Executives of the Cross Guild. As his subordinates cheer for him, Buggy cries and wonders what’s going to happen to him as One Piece Chapter 1058 once more shifts perspective.

One Piece Chapter 1058 then brings readers to the Kamabakka Queendom, where the Revolutionary Army seems to have established a temporary or permanent base. Someone tells Koala that there’s no need to be sad since they know Sabo is safe, to which she responds that she’s glad everyone’s okay.

Iva is then seen saying nothing can taint this miracle, likely meaning Sabo’s safety, while Morley says he’ll never forgive Sabo for making them worry like that. Karasu comments that the assassination is meant to have supposedly happened after they split up, but that he still believes in his comrade.

Lindbergh comments that he was thinking the same thing, while Belo Betty comments that they’re annoying and should quiet down. Koala then addresses Dragon, who seems to be brooding over the Sabo situation. He then says he’s glad Sabo is okay, but if the latter truly did murder King Cobra, then he won’t forgive him no matter what the reasons are.

A shocking next panel shows a rescued and seemingly repaired Kuma bathing in the sun as Dragon approaches him and asks him exactly what he saw. The former slave responds, very robotically, that he is Dragon’s to command, calling him master in the process as a teary-eyed Koala looks on.

This is interrupted by a call from a nearby Den Den Mushi, prompting One Piece Chapter 1058 to quickly shift perspectives. The Marines are seen saying they’re picking up a call to Kamabakka Queendom, saying that they should listen in and record since it could be Sabo, the Flame Emperor.

One Piece Chapter 1058 returns to the Kamabakka Queendom for its final panels, where Koala tells everyone to quiet down before answering the phone. One Piece Chapter 1058’s final panel reveals it to indeed be Sabo on the other side, unfortunately announcing a series break next week while teasing that the truth may be at hand.

One Piece Chapter 1058: In summation

One Piece Chapter 1058 is, overall, an incredibly dense chapter, which manages to stay fairly engaging even at its most informational and expositional moments. Much of this comes from the natural intrigue of fans as to how Buggy achieved Yonko status, as well as how the nefarious Cross Guild came to be.

In particular, One Piece Chapter 1058 is successful at addressing the key plot points required before starting the potential next arc. While Chapter 1058 certainly doesn’t give all the answers fans need or want, it does a good job of laying the groundwork for issues in the immediate future to build and capitalize on.

One Piece Chapter 1058 also makes some fun comparisons between Buggy and Luffy here, particularly in their introductions, which show both Yonkos to be at the mercy of their crews. While Buggy’s situation is a little different, it’s still an enjoyable aspect of One Piece Chapter 1058, which most fans seemed to particularly enjoy.

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