One Piece Chapter 1042 (full-length spoilers): An unfortunate Oden/Luffy parallel, last Gear Fourth comes to an end, and more

One Piece Chapter 1042 shows startling Luffy vs. Kaido developments (Image via Toei Animation)
One Piece Chapter 1042 shows startling Luffy vs. Kaido developments (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece Chapter 1042 full-length spoilers have been released, providing much more context to the spoilers from earlier in the week. Highlights in the chapter include Luffy’s Gear Fourth time beginning to tick down, as well as an undesirable Oden and Luffy parallel later in the chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1042 also devotes time early on to X Drake and the Fire Festival, catching fans up on what’s happening outside of the main showdown. It seems the Fire Festival is nearing its end, likely indicating the Wano arc is also approaching its finale.

Follow along as this article breaks down One Piece Chapter 1042 in its entirety.

One Piece Chapter 1042 shows disastrous development for Luffy vs. Kaido

One Piece Chapter 1042: Fire Festival and X Drake

One Piece Chapter 1042 opens with the spotlight on X Drake versus CP0’s boss. Still in hybrid form, Drake has run his sword through the boss from behind, with him still being impaled when the chapter starts.

The CP0 boss asks X Drake why he’s betraying the World Government, to which he responds that this is his justice. Strangely, the CP0 boss responds to this saying he envies him, before detaching himself from the sword and impaling Drake’s throat with a Finger Pistol. The former Tobi Roppo is seemingly down and out at this point.

One Piece Chapter 1042 then shifts perspective to the Fire Festival, where Otoko and others can be seen launching their lanterns. She is heard saying she hopes her wish reaches the heavens. With this, the chapter then shifts perspective to Luffy versus Kaido for the rest of the chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1042: Kaido’s Drunk Modes return

One Piece Chapter 1042 then brings fans right back into the action of Luffy versus Kaido. The former is launching multiple high-speed punches at his opponent. While able to block one punch with his kanabo, three more hit Kaido, and he is left unable to block them.

Kaido interestingly notes that Luffy’s attack trajectories are curved. He says that considering the nature of Gum, the attacks his opponent is using should be impossible. Fans are theorizing this could be an implication that Luffy’s Awakening has already happened subconsciously, with these curved attacks being the result.

The chapter continues, showing Kaido confidently looking at Luffy. He then enters his “Craving Love” Drunk Mode, winking and touching his lips flirtatiously while being punched in the face. Predictably, this angers Luffy, who complains aloud that his opponent is still drunk.

Kaido reminds his opponent that he isn’t the only one who can see the future, suddenly moving incredibly fast and dodging all the attacks coming his way. Transforming into his dragon form, he says he’ll imitate his opponent, flailing his body in a manner similar to Luffy’s barrage of punches.

Kaido subsequently enters his “Stealing” Drunk Mode, likely a reference to his imitation of his opponent. He then grabs Luffy in his mouth, flying them up above Onigashima. Trapped in his mouth, Luffy punches the inside of it in an attempt to escape, but to no avail.

Suddenly, Kaido stops flying and turns to look at Onigashima, preparing a Blast Breath with Luffy still in his mouth. The point-blank attack hits its target and then some, piercing through the Onigashima island and castle. Apparently, a shot of the attack going in between Momonosuke and Yamato is seen.

Luffy is also sent through the entirety of Onigashima from the attack, escaping once the Blast Breath fully pierces the island. He then switches to Bounceman form, allowing him to fly back up to the rooftop to continue fighting Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 1042: Gear Fourth’s final minutes

Returning to the rooftop, Luffy curses Kaido, who simply laughs in response. He then wonders how much time he has left in his final Gear Fourth, steeling himself to win here and now no matter what.

Kaido tries to once more bite Luffy, who dodges thanks to Bounceman’s flying capabilities. The former comments on how the latter’s condition is more severe than expected, likely referencing how little time is left in Gear Fourth. Responding, Luffy says that as long as his opponent is here, the people of Wano can’t even drink clean water.

In an extremely telling speech for his character, Kaido responds by saying that he doesn’t care who Luffy is fighting for. He continues, saying Wano is full of “peace-loving weaklings” and “honorable deaths” which suggest their being comfortable with losing. He calls all of them losers, who’re just trying to find excuses for their failure.

Luffy angrily responds, saying samurai are strong. Kaido responds by questioning whether they’re truly strong, or just pretend to be strong, continuing that “‘winners’ need no excuses,” the title of this chapter. While this goes on, the latter is preparing another Blast Breath, while the former is prepping the debuting “Over Kong Gun,” literally translated as Supreme Monkey King Gun.

He launches the new move, hitting Kaido’s jaw and causing his Blast Breath to explode inside his mouth. He collapses momentarily as a result, prompting Luffy to rush him while prepping a new attack and vocalizing his desire to keep fighting, until Gear Fourth runs out.

Out of nowhere, Kaido gets back up and rushes Luffy with a Hourai Hakke, an upgraded version of his Raimei Hakke. Falling to the ground, his eyes are blank, when steam suddenly begins coming from his mouth, signaling Gear Fourth’s approaching end. Interestingly enough, he covers his mouth to stop this, apparently forcibly extending Gear Fourth as a result.

Looking onward at his opponent, readers can see Kaido’s eyes are now suddenly spiral shaped. While the raw scans aren’t the best quality, his eyes here almost look similar to the patternings of Zunesha’s, Im-sama’s, and Mihawk’s eyes.

One Piece Chapter 1042: Unfortunate interference

Kaido enters his final Drunk Mode of One Piece Chapter 1042, and the narrator names Kaido’s current state as the “Killing Spree” Drunk Mode. He and Luffy prepare attacks for one another, while the latter says he has one more attack, and if it doesn’t knock Kaido out, he’ll certainly lose.

The two begin by saying their attack names as they rush each other, when perspective suddenly shifts to the CP0 boss. He’s approaching their fight right now, a short distance away from his target. Approaching Luffy, he grabs his shoulder and distracts him from Kaido’s oncoming attack, stopping Luffy’s attack in the process.

Kaido exclaims CP0’s name in shock, while he has a flashback to his fight with Oden 20 years prior. Fans see both he and Luffy have the same expression on their faces in their interference moments, as his kanabo rockets towards its target. With no attack of his own to use, a Conqueror’s Haki infused kanabo hits Luffy directly, flattening him like a mallet.

In an absolutely beautiful double-page spread, which is also this chapter’s final page, a seemingly unconscious Luffy is being slammed into the ground. The CP0 agent escapes unscathed thanks to his agility and the use of Iron Body.

In One Piece Chapter 1042’s final panels, Kaido looks incredibly shocked and disappointed at this turn of events. Luffy is severely bleeding and heavily injured, seemingly unconscious by this point as well. The series concludes by announcing there is no scheduled break for next week.

One Piece Chapter 1042: In summation

Despite not a lot happening in One Piece Chapter 1042, what little did happen was incredibly significant. It seems CP0’s task has been accomplished, at least with what little information fans currently have.

The most welcome development of One Piece Chapter 1042 is the confirmation of no scheduled break for the series next week. With how this chapter ended, fans will no doubt be clamoring for information all throughout this week.

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